Vintage Fashion Shopping in Milan

3 Stores to Visit for Vintage Clothes

  • L'Armadio di Laura
  • Via Voghera 25. Milan
  • Tel. +39 02 8360606

The very elegant shop of L'Armadio di Laura is located in the "Solari" neighborhood of Milan, hidden away from the mainstream shopping areas. This is one of the more exclusive and one of better vintage clothing shops in Milan. If you want good quality then this is the place to go. Not a fancy street at all. This elegant shop is well hidden in a courtyard off of Via Voghera 25. It is best to drive there or walk. The best way to go is take the Metro green line to S. Agostino and from there walk to the shop down Via Solari and to Via Cerano and finally Via Voghera. By car you need to get yourself to the street intersection of Bergognone and Via Voghera, where there is plenty of parking on the street not far from the shop itself.

 Via Voghera 25 is on the right side of street, but the shop is tucked away discretely in a courtyard. When approaching from the street you'll see large, tall dark brown wooden doors. If they are open you can walk through. Then to the left you will see the door buzzer after passing under the arch of the oak doors.. You must ring the buzzer in order to gain access to the courtyard. From the gate you can see the shop. The owner is very friendly. If you want to to experience a dreamy fashion escape, spending a pretty penny, then this is a place to visit.

  • Elizabeth The First
  • Alzaia Naviglio Grande 44. Milan.
  • Tel. +02 89077927

Not too far out of the area is another vintage shopping experience located in the Naviglio area of Milan, directly on the Naviglio Canal. Take the metro green line to Porta Genova F.S. and walk towards the canal to the shop. First impression is that of a very colorful shop, small, but vibrant. Upon entering you will immediately see the wall covered with old black and white photographs, accented by the old hats sitting next to the photographs. Colorful ethnic prints on various frocks dominate the front part of the store and blue vintage shoes sit in the front display window. After shopping you can visit one of many cafes, bars, restaurants or music spots in this very popular area of Milan, which also boasts a very lively night life.

  • Vintage Delirium di Franco Jacassi
  • Via Giuseppe Sacchi 3
  • Tel. +02 864 62076

This shop is located between the Castello Sforzesco and Via Brera, hidden away from the street inside a courtyard. A large assortment of clothes and accessories are evident in this shop and is one of my favorite shops. Vintage Delirium also has a larger store in the Parma area at the Fidenza Outlet Shopping Mall. Click here.

Another vintage shop in Milan, is Canu e Migliorati, located north of Porta Garibaldi on Via Dal Verme Jacoppo 16 and Via Pastrengo 7. But they do not seem to have regular opening hours and it is best to phone first. Tel. 02 6687112.

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Karin S. Fester Scala