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Lifeinitaly is not a comprehensive travel and tourism site. We offer two general categories of Italian travel information. First we provide useful general information foreigners Traveling to Italy including many helpful points not always offered by the normal tourism web site. For example we have pointers to help you use you American telephone in Italy as well as how to drive on an Italy. Another article describes the summer festivals put on by many Italian cities such as the Estate Romana that includes free concerts and other festivity held in historic locations and parks in the warm summer evening.

The second category is growing collection of articles about specific Italian locations. This section is growing and we are continually adding articles but recognize that our task of covering Italian tourist locations can never be completed. If you have visited an out of the way location and wish to contribute with an article please use the contact us form and inform us


View of Tuscany

Italy is one of the most visited tourist countries. There are famous places like Venice, Florence, Siena, Milan, Naples, The Amalfi coast, Capri, the Lake Region, Sicily, Sardinia, the Alps and of course Rome. Famous travel places are the ruins of Pompei, the Capitole, vineyards in Tuscany, Sicily with Mt. Etna, the coastline of the Adriatic Sea or the Alps.

In this section we will be adding during the year 2005 a series of Articles about specific places to Visit in Italy - General suggestions as Driving in Italy - how to use your cell phone, etc...are in Travel Suggestions area.

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