Italian National Parks III

Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio - The largest of the historical Italian national parks and of the entire Alps Mountain Chain. It starts in the heart of the Central Alps, including the valleys, forged by ice, and water erosion, coming from the Ortles-Cavedale mountains chains. The landscape is formed by evergreen forests, creeks and gorgeous valleys. Since the park its situated on different altitudes, the ecosystem varies, having a wide range of flora and fauna which complete the local landscape. There are also present, in the local environment, rural villages, which perfectly mold in the panorama.


Parco Nazionale della Val Grande - Probably the wildest park in the country, and an open air museum at the same time. It’s a park where nature its completely left on its own and Mother Nature is the boss. This park was never touched by man. No disforestation was ever made… it’s a self made park. Besides being an open air museum, of the past alpine civilization, has richness and variety of vegetation, which is the main, local attraction.



Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio - In the Campania region, its of great geological and historical interest. This park was mainly created to protect one of the most worldwide known active volcanos: Vesuvius.