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Arezzo: Della Robbia Exhibition

Exposition at the State Museum of Medieval and Modern Art
Exposition at the State Museum of Medieval and Modern Art

Della Robbia


21 FEBBRAIO  2009  –  7  GIUGNO 2009

Set up in the Arezzo State Museum of Medieval and Modern Art and organized by Giancarlo Gentilini and Liletta Fornasari, the exhibition ‘I Della Robbia, il dialogo tra le Arti nel Rinascimento’ intends to demonstrate the versatile and fascinating development of the art of glazed terracotta created by the Della Robbia family, and thus called ‘robbiana’, during the Renaissance: starting from the mysterious reasons for the ingenious ‘invention’ of Luca della Robbia to the diffusion of this “new, useful and beautiful” art, as developed by the Della Robbia family and by the rival Buglioni’s workshop; but most of all, this exhibition wishes to examine, for the first time, the close and fertile relationship existing between the varied arts.

Sculpture, painting, architecture and the decorative arts are compared to one another in this fascinating exhibition where you can admire, apart from the Della Robbia masterpieces, the works by the most important figures of the Renaissance – Donatello, Ghiberti, Andrea del Verrocchio, Rossellino, Pisanello, Filippo Lippi, Pollaiolo, Ghirlandaio, Perugino, Lorenzo di Credi, Leonardo, Fra’ Bartolomeo, Domenico Veneziano, Fra’ Carnevale, Sansovino – passing through a century of  Italian history of art and through the exciting moment of the Tuscan Renaissance.

Therefore, this is an ambitious and absolutely new exhibition which will allow you to reinterpret and to further understand the meaning and the value of an exceptional form of art of which there are still many examples remaining in the Province of Arezzo. And so the exhibition becomes the very heart of a journey across this area – between the Casentino, Valdarno, Valdichiana and Valtiberina valleys – along wonderfully romantic itineraries where art and nature merge together in an absolutely fascinating combination.

Exhibition venue
Museo Statale d’Arte
Medievale e Moderna
Arezzo, via San Lorentino, 8
21 February – 7 June 2009

Exhibition opening hours
Every day: 9.00am - 7.00pm
(The ticket office closes at: 6.00pm)

Full price ticket: € 10,00

Reduced ticket: € 7,00

  • Visitors over 65
  • Visitors between 18 and 25
  • Groups of 15 to 30 people
  • Special concessions
  • Holders of the Bacci Chapel ticket Special

Reduced ticket: € 5,00

  • Visitors between 6 and 18
  • For schools
  • Special concessions

Free: € 0,00

  • Children under 6
  • Companions of disabled visitors
  • People accompanying groups or schools
  • Authorized tourist guides
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