Gubbio, Umbria
Postcard from Gubbio
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Gubbio is a town located in the northeastern region of Umbria, along the Perugia province of Italy and it is found on the slopes of Monte Ingino. This place is known for its medieval palaces, churches and cathedrals and other historic buildings, which attract the tourists. There are plenty of Gothic style buildings seen in this town along with homes in traditional designs with rooftops that look quite distinct. Most of these homes were built during the 14th and 15th centuries and were originally inhabited by rich merchants.


This little town of Gubbio has a rich history dating back to the Pre Roman era and it was earlier known as Iguvium by the Romans. Thus, this town became a vital center for the people living in Umbria and it was well known for its discovery of Gubbio Tables.


Piazza Grande, Gubbio
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These Bronze tables comprise of some of the oldest surviving text in the Umbrian language with some ancient works of the Attidian Brethren who were actually a group of 12 priests. Even today, the Standing Roman Theater stands as a landmark of this town attracting many visitors. Gubbio provides a glimpse of the rich Roman history of this region and provides a great opportunity to the tourists to visit some of these remarkable places.


Alley in Gubbio
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Attractions in Gubbio

Gubbio Roman Theater

This theater was constructed during the first century AD by using square blocks of limestone available in the local area and the covering of the wall is ashlar. The diameter of the tiers is around 70 meters and is distinguished by short stairs and on the external side, you can come across arches and pillars. During the summer season, it becomes the main center where masterpieces from the classical times hold literary events. This is one of the main attraction of this town and it's definitely worth visiting to catch a glimpse of the Roman architecture.


St. Ubaldo Basilica

In this Basilica, you can come across some wonderful marble altars and the windows are adorned with stories taken from the life of Gubbio patron saint. You can see his impeccable body displayed and revealed through a crystal urn just above the altar. There are some fine door carvings along with frescoes on the walls along the cloister, which still depict the beauty of the earlier XVI centuries.


Cobbled street in Gubbio. Mopeds and "ape" are the best ways of transfer through the small alleys of this little town
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Ducal Palace

Ducal Palace was constructed after the year 1470 at the time of the arrival of Federico da Montefeltro. The design for this palace was conceptualized by L. Laurana under the rule of Federico during the years 1467-1472. As a result, the initials FD can be seen engraved along different parts of the building. The year on the building is mentioned after 1474, when Federico was named the Duke and this ascertains the fact that the palace was constructed when Laurana was employed at the Naples court. In the Ducal Palace, you can catch a glimpse of some fine architecture with beautiful works of door inlays along with marble ceiling and a tiled roof. Today, this palace is used as a museum and exhibits some of the best works of art and architecture of the Italian legacy.


Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio
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How to Reach Gubbio

There are many international flights that arrive at Ancona airport, which lie closer to Gubbio, and local flights arrive in Perugia, nearer to this town. Fossato di Vico is the closest railway station and connected through bus services. Perugia Fontivegge station is well linked to Gubbio through its bus services. If you are coming by car from the North, then you need to take Autostrada (A1) and from there take an exit along the direction of Sansepolcro, Citta de Castello and the A45 highway south to reach Gubbio exit and from there it may take around 20 minutes to reach Gubbio.


Palazzo dei Consoli towering over the town of Gubbio
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Hotels and Accommodation in Gubbio

Gubbio offers some good range of hotels including a luxurious stay in some of these finest places, where you can find the best comfort along with all the other amenities. For an unforgettable experience you could stay at a real castle, the Castello di Petroia ( There are some Bed & Breakfast inns also available around this region including rooms on rent with all the self-catering facilities; check out the b&b La Pace, in the countryside near Gubbio. Such rental accommodations are suitable for people who wish to enjoy privacy and independence with a comfort of staying in a home on a vacation. For those looking out for economical options, Gubbio also offers a few hostel accomodations including budget hotels, which work out to be cheaper for backpackers.


Antiques shop in Gubbio
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Food and Cuisine

You can enjoy some of the best Umbrian cuisine in Gubbio and also taste some wonderful pasta with truffles and porcini mushrooms. Some of the finest restaurants offer high quality food along with an extensive menu to have food of your choice. You can get some of the best Italian cuisine made using exotic herbs in these restaurants and enjoy some great food in a wonderful ambience. There are many local specialties cooked with the best quality ingredients made by master chefs for the delight of the customers. Besides, complimentary wine is also served along with food in most of these restaurants.


Old street in Gubbio
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Gubbio offers a host of attractions including historical places such as palaces and museums, which is of great interest to many tourists. There are many churches and cathedrals of religious significance in this town with regular events and festivals, which take place regularly. The Umbrian region and its rich countryside offer peace and serenity amidst the surroundings with a beautiful view of the Medieval town and its lovely architecture. Those who are keen on exploring the history of this region can find many interesting places around this town. There are good accommodation facilities available in town, which caters to the different preferences of the travelers. You can enjoy some lovely dinner in some of the best restaurants and stay amidst the peace and tranquil atmosphere offered in such surroundings.


If you are planning a vacation to Italy along the Umbria region, then you have some great options of visiting the other nearby places to Gubbio and enjoy the unique warmth and hospitality offered by the Umbrian people.