Perugia, Capital of Umbria


Perugia is a lovely medieval city located in the Umbria region of Italy, which is surrounded by many historic buildings with many Roman and Etruscan monuments seen across the hilltop. The modern parts of the city comprises of well-known universities with thriving student population and provides some good facilities for shopping and recreation, including exciting nightlife with bars and restaurants. There are plenty of interesting attractions available for the tourists in Perugia along with visit to nearby places such as Assisi, Spello and Gubbio.


Perugia was believed to be a part of Etruscan settlement during the 6th-1st century B.C and came under the Roman rule at around 40 B.C. There are lot of ancient remains found in this city through some of the old city walls and gates, which are still well preserved and attracts the tourists. Visitors coming to this place can enjoy the charm of the old city as well as catch a glimpse of the modern day life.


How to Reach Perugia

Main square in Perugia

Sant'Egidio is a small airport, which is located at a distance of about 12 kms from the city of Perugia. There are bus services from Piazza Italia along the railway station and the airport based on the scheduled departure and arrival time of the flights. If you are traveling from other nearby destinations, then the Rome airport is just three hours away from Perugia. You can also travel by train from Rome to Perugia as the fares are quite economical. Moreover, you also have the option of driving by car from Rome to Milan through the A1 Autostrada. 

Attractions in Perugia

Palazzo Dei Priori

This lovely medieval structure was built during the 13th century and later on many modifications were carried on at this site over the years. Here you can come across some beautiful frescoes in Sala dei Notari, as you climb up the stairs along the Piazza IV Novembre. As you enter the palazzo through Corso Vannucci, you can see the Galleria Nazionale dell Umbria which has an extensive collection of art from the Umbrian region dating back to the 13th and 19th centuries. You can also find some beautiful works of art from the local painters on display at this art gallery. Inside the Collegio della Mercanzia, one can find exquisite panels of wood and inlays designed by German craftsmen during the 15th century. In the Collegio Del Cambio, you can come across two rooms and one of them comprises of the lovely Perugino frescoes from the 15th century.


Piazza IV Novembre

Old street and arch in Perugia

This is the main city square along the city of Etruscans including the Roman Forum. In the medieval times, this place was the center where all the 5 major roads crossed each other and now located in the heart of Perugia. During the summer time, the popular Umbria jazz festival is held here every year and lot of people gather to witness this great event. 


Church of San Severo

The Church of San Severo was originally built on the site of the Pagan temple and it was again reconstructed during the 18th century. It is well known for its frescoes along the chapel of 14th century whereas the upper part has been done by the noted painter of the Renaissance period, Rapheal and the lower part is a work of Perugino.


Oratory of San Bernardino

This small church has a lovely façade and was built in the honor of Saint Bernardino. You can come across some interesting combination of colors used here including rose, aqua and white including sculptures and bas reliefs constructed during the 14th century. The interiors have a modern version and the altar has been designed from the 4th century Sarcophagus which has the remains of Beato Egidio, who was among the friars of St. Francis of Assisi.


Church of San Pietro

This Benedictine Abbey was founded during the 10th century and this place has some of the best 15th and 16th century architecture delights. It comprises of an interesting collection of Renaissance art and paintings and frescoes done by Rapheal, Vassillacchi, Perugino including Parmigiano. It also has one of the finest 16th century wooden choir in the Italian region.



Stairs in Perugia

Just around 13 kms away from Perugia, you can visit this village perched on the hilltop, which comprises of some of the best landscapes. From Piazzia Italia to Corciano, you can find bus services operating every hour and it takes around 50 minutes to reach this lovely village.

Hotels and Accommodation

Perugia offers a wide range of hotels and accommodation with all the possible facilities to enjoy the luxury and comfort on a vacation. Most of the hotels include swimming pools and car parking facilities provided in the room. You can book in advance to avail of some special discounts and choose the best room as per your liking and preferences. There are also plenty of Bed & Breakfast inns available in Perugia for the convenience of the guests. Apartments on rent are also offered to the travelers who wish to enjoy more privacy and comfort amidst the surroundings.


Eating and Drinking in Perugia

You can come across plenty of restaurants across Perugia offering some of the finest of Umbrian cuisine for the delight of the visitors. There are some excellent dishes available on the menu of some of the popular restaurants here including pork dishes, roast pig including delicious pasta. You can also find plenty of pizza outlets serving some mouth watering pizzas in the town and there are some good takeaway options as well. You can find many family owned restaurants in Perugia offering some great food amidst a lovely ambience.


Perugia offers some great options to the visitors to catch some of the best glimpse of the scenic surroundings of this region. There are plenty of historical places to visit here including museums, art galleries, churches and cathedrals around Perugia. You can enjoy eating in some of the best restaurants here and have a comfortable stay in the finest of hotels.

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Saturday, November 26TH, 2011 by Guest

It looks spectacular just seeing the pictures.  I was told by a friend that it is a beautiful place to travel since it has a medieval appearance to it. I hope that maybe in the following summer to visit there since I have a friend  and I' am sure he will tour the place with me.

Best regards,

Aníbal Simas.

Tuesday, February 28TH, 2012 by Guest

Just a surprising item to share: I was cleaning my china cabinet when I checked the back of hand painted ceramic saucers I bought from a state sale awhile back: It said, Perugia, Italy!!
Needless to say, I was floored. Hope to visit this beautiful place someday.