Away From the Venice Crowds


Giudecca is a small island located in the Venetian lagoon in Italy. Guidecca has a laid back and a relaxed lifestyle and a distinctive village like atmosphere. Even though the island is a neighborhood of Venice, it is still quite different from the more popular part of the city and is not yet as crowded with tourists as Venice is.

Originally, Guidecca was for residential purposes but later on a few industries and even a film studio had been set up here. However, after World War II these industries suffered a massive loss and had been eventually shut down. Today, Giudecca is exclusively a residential island and of late it is gaining popularity as a tourist place because of its natural beauty.



Getting to Giudecca

Giudecca is situated quite close to Venice and the only way to reach here is by ferries and boats. Venice has several motorboats which are known as Vaporetti which depart for Giudecca every hour from several parts of the city. These Vaporetti are basically small motorboats which are designed in true Venetian style. Other then the boats there is no other way to reach the island. Visitors coming in from outside Italy can take a flight to Venice and then take a boat to the island.


Moving Around the Island

The only way to move around on the island is by foot. Giudecca is a very small island and part of the charm of the island can only be experienced by walking around its pretty streets. On Sunday afternoons the locals can be seen walking around the little island, especially the northern side of the island. The northern part of the island is the only place where the full length of the island can be explored on foot. From here there are beautiful views of the lagoon and in the distance, of Venice. In the small squares and the streets children can be seen playing and the older locals are seen sitting and exchanging news at all times of the day.


Attractions in Giudecca

Chiesa Del Redentore

Chiesa del Redentore in Giudecca seen from Venice

The Chiesa Del Redentore is one of the most famous churches on the island and also in Venice. The church is also known as Santisimo Redentore and was designed by Palladio in the 16th century. The church is also the place where the famous Redentore festival takes place every year in July. The festival organizes a traditional feast, pilgrimage and some fireworks. The church remains closed on Sundays.


Chiesa Della Zitelle

The Chiesa Della Zitelle is another church on the island which was designed by Palladio. Along with the Redentore church, this is one of the most important historical buildings of the island. Close to Chiesa Della Zitelle is the Casa de Maria which was formerly built as a studio for Mario de Maria in the twentieth century. The studio has beautiful patterned brick work and inverted windows.


Chiesa di Sant'Eufemia

The Chiesa di Sant'Eufemia is another beautiful church on the island. However, the church is not open for visitors. On special requests only the church is opened up for a group of twenty or more people. Those who are travelling in large groups can make a request for viewing the church from inside. Others can admire the beauty of the church from outside, since it does an admirable architecture.


Molino Stucky

Giudecca from the Canale

Molino Stucky is the much renowned location on the island, which is now a Hilton hotel. The famous rooftop bar in this hotel is the best place to get a good view of the lagoon and Venice and spend a nice evening outdoors. The architecture of the building is also quite curious since it is made based on the original architecture of the mill that used to be standing at the same location.



The Waterfront of Giudecca is where all the locals and tourists go for a good walk. The entire stretch of the waterfront is a paved cobble stoned street with charming tiny shops lining up the sides selling everything from wine to food and some odd local things. On Sundays, the waterfront becomes a thriving busy street with the locals coming here in groups to enjoy the sun and a good walk.


Stay and Accommodation

Although Giudecca is quite a small island, there are a few options in terms of accommodation. Because of the rise in tourism in the recent years, the island has a few hotels that have been built here to accommodate tourists who want to explore the island for a little longer. The hotels on the island are quite expensive, like they are in Venice but they are really charming as well. There are three, four and five star properties on the island and one or two Bed & Breakfasts. The most well known hotels here are Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky, Domina Giudecca, The Capriani Hotel and Bauer Palladio Hotel.


Eating on Giudecca

Giudecca does have a few restaurants and bars on the island, most of which are quite expensive. However, there are a few places where good food is available for quite inexpensive rates. Some good places to try out on the island are Harry's Dolci in the Capriani Hotel, although it is very expensive. Altanella, Trattoria De Mori, Cip's Club, Ristorante Mistra, La Palance snack bar and a few other smaller restaurants and smaller bars. Visitors who are looking for inexpensive eating options can try any of the restaurants that are not on the premises of the big hotels.


Shopping on Giudecca

Venice viewed from Giudecca

The waterfront of Giudecca is lined with small and pretty shops. There are wine shops, bakeries, small book stores, butchers and fishmongers located on this street on the island. The Wine shops on the island sell wines straight out of the barrel and are definitely worth tasting and buying. However, visitors need to consider the fact that the prices here might be quite high even though the island itself is quite small. Other than these few shops there aren't many places to shop on the island.



Saturday, May 07TH, 2011 by Guest

I live on Giudecca, and can assure you that there are public water boats about every 10 minutes (not every hour as you state here) which run almost all night too. It is literally 300 yards from the main Venice area (Zattere waterfront) and by Venetian standards, it really is not that small.

It has public transport stops all along the waterfront which provide direct connections to the bus, cruise and rail terminals - plus the only automobile parking areas in the city. People tend to forget that most canals in the city are too small for public transport and the larger craft can only pass around the outskirts of the city or through the central Grand Canal. All other areas can only be reached by foot, or in some cases, private taxi launches.

You continually mention high prices on the would be fair to say that they are in line with prices throughout the city and not confined only to Giudecca. There are plenty of bed and breakfast establishments and apartments available and not only the higher priced hotels mentioned here.

Hope this comment goes some way to completing your article for those who are thinking about visiting this jewel in the crown of Venice. We are just 3 minutes (at most) from central Venice (which is NOT just St.Mark's Square) but enjoy a true Venetian atmosphere without the suffocation of mass tourism...(with respect to mass tourism).

Monday, September 05TH, 2011 by Guest

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