Malcesine, Veneto

Malcesine and lake Garda

Malcesine is a small town and comune located in the province of Verona in Italy's Veneto region. The town is located quite close to the cities of Verona and Venice. The town is located close to Lake Garda which attracts quite a lot of tourists. With the growing importance of agritourism, Malcesine has seen a rise in the number of tourists that come to the town to enjoy its natural beauty and its laid back atmosphere.

The ancient fortified town has maintained its medieval essence and has a village like atmosphere which attracts quite a lot of tourists to Malcesine each year.


Getting to Malcesine

Malcesine is located quite close to the cities of Verona and Venice so reach the town is fairly easy. Visitors coming from outside Italy or from the other regions of Italy can reach Venice by flight or by train and then travel to Malcesine. From Verona or Venice, visitors can travel by the state buses that depart every few hours from the main bus station. Tickets are very inexpensive and can be bought at the main bus station. State buses are usually punctual and are quite comfortable. Another option is to drive down to Malcesine. Visitors can easily drive down to Malcesine from Verona and Venice which would take less than two hours.


Moving Around the Town

Decorated window in Malcesine

The easiest way to explore Malcesine is on foot. The town is very compact and does not have many places to visit. There are only three to four sight seeing attractions in Malcesine which can all be covered easily on foot within a day. The town has several picturesque pedestrian streets that are cobblestoned and lined with old houses and shops. The older section has very narrow streets which can be difficult to explore by car. Visitors who have their own car can drive around to explore the surrounding regions and villages of the town.


Attractions in Malcesine

Castello Scaligero

The main attraction in Malcesine is Castello Scaliegero which is an ancient caslte. The fortifications were built in the town in 13th century and it includes a medieval tower. An old Etruscan tomb had been found within the walls of the castle during excavation process. The fortifications had been carried out on the orders of the Della Scala family who had ruled the town during the 13th century. Much of the fortifications have already been destroyed, however, visitors can still explore the ruins.


Pieve of St. Stephen

Bay in Malcesine

The Pieve of Saint Stephen is one of the most important religious monuments in the town. The Pieve refers to rural churches that date back to the Middle Ages. These are mostly characterized by a baptistery on which the smaller churches without one depended. The Pieve of Saint Stephen is quite an old church which had been built in the town during Middle Ages. The church is quite small in size and has a plain facade but the interiors of the church have been well decorated with beautiful art works and decorations. 


Church of Santa Maria di Navene

The church of Santa Maria Di Navena is a small church in Malcesine, not as impressive as some of the other churches in the region but still worth a visit since there are not many places to visit in Malcesine.


Monte Baldo

Buildings overlooking lake Garda at Malcesine

Monte Baldo is located close to the town and has mild witners. Lake Garda is located close to the mountain. During winter months the summit of the mountain remains covered with snow but the temperature remains quite moderate even in winters. The location is quite famous among the locals as a picnic spot and several locals visit the Lake for day excursions and picnics in summers. The landscape is quite lush and is rich in flora and fauna. It is said that Goethe had been quite fascinated with the landscape in his times. The species of flora that have been found on Mount baldo have been studied by botonists and scholars since 18th century. The name Garden of Europe has been attributed to the Monte Baldo because of its rich flora and fauna.


Stay and Accommodation

Malcesine and lake Garda

Malcesine is quite a small town but it does attract a lot of tourists who visit the town because of Monte Baldo and the nearby Lake Garda. These two spots remain the favorite for locals as well as tourists who frequent the locations in summers for day excursions and picnics at the bank of the Lake. For this reasons there are plenty of good hotels and Bed & Breakfasts in town for visitors to choose from. Most hotels are located close to the center of the town; however, there are some that are located on the outskirts too. some of the best known hotels in town are hotel Malcesine, hotel Ariston di Facco Lara, hotel Lago Di Garda, hotel Val Di Sogno, hotel Castello Malcesine Lake front, Hotel Dolomiti and hotel Benacus. 


Eating in Malcesine

Because of the number of tourists that Malcesine attracts there are quite a lot good restaurants and pizzerias in town which have been set up in the recent years. Visitors can choose from restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias, osterias, sandwich bars, bars and cafes. Cuisine is mostly Italian and regional dishes. Some of the best restaurants in town are trattoria La Pace, ristorante Relear Di Benamati Margherita, trattoria Vecchia Malcesine, ristrante pizzeria italia, Speck Stube, ristoratne pizzeria Aquarius and agritourismo San Maggiore.


Shopping in Malcesine

There are plenty of places in Malcesine where visitors can shop. There are plenty of shopping streets in town where visitors can find almost anything. Shops in Malcesine normally have a lot of souvenirs, handicrafts, locally made clothes, shoes and jewelry as well as some antiques. However, most of these shops sell overpriced products because of tourism. The best things to purchase in Malcesine are food products like extra virgin olive oil, honey, cold cuts, cheese and wine. There are plenty of good wine shops in town that sell a variety of Italian wines.