Top 10 Beaches of Italy

The 10 Best Beaches

Italy is one of the best beach destinations, with so many beaches it may be hard to pick one. After all, every one of them are beautiful with a lovely coastline and natural scenic beauty. Most beaches in Italy offer calm and serene surroundings, which can be a welcome break for people living in crowded urban areas. More importantly, most of these beaches are extremely clean, offering safe bathing spots. Many tourists come to visit these beaches every year and enjoy the wonderful landscape of the region.

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Here is a list of some of the best beaches found across Italy:




1) San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo is located along the Western coast of Sicily across Trapani. Here, you can get to enjoy some nice moments in the sun and also get to see a cultural mix of people. Besides, this spot is also known for its national park - the Zingaro where one can catch a glimpse of the pristine beaches of this region. There are many houses lined along the beach coast where fishermen catch tuna. This is one of the best beaches in Italy where you can find scenic beauty along the coast and enjoy surfing activities.


San Vito Lo Capo - The best beach in Italy.

2) Isola del Giglio

Isola del Giglio

This is one of the most well-known beaches for its exotic underwater life and can be the best selection for people who are ardent nature lovers. Isola del Giglio is one among the fine beaches situated on the Tuscany coast, which is known for its clean and beautiful beaches, villages with a backdrop of the Apuan Alps. You can also find some lovely blue coves here in this place and have some fun with relaxation.





3) Taormina


Taormina beaches are some of the most popular, located amidst plush surroundings in Sicily with a fabulous location and attracts lot of tourists due to its picturesque beauty and natural splendor. There are plenty of activities to indulge here and there is something to do for everyone. Lot of people take part in windsurfing activities and they can also get a chance to taste some lovely wine on their way. There are plenty of other beaches found here such as Spisone, Mazzeo, Recanati, Isola Bella beach among others known for their spectacular scenic beauty.

Beach Scene in Taormina,Italy.


4) Mondello


Mondello is located in Southern Italy near Palermo, capital city of Sicily. Here you can find a range of bars, restaurants and other small shops with a scenic coastal village. There are plenty of sports activities carried out here during the summer time and hence lot of visitors come here to take part in such events. Besides, this beach is also known for some its fine restaurants.





5) Capalbio


Capalbio is very well known among the people as it is an old coastal village found amidst the countryside and has not changed much or developed. However, there are many famous people who come here to relax as it offers them a private space away from the crowd. Besides, it provides a great ambience and it is slightly expensive as compared to other beaches.





6) Domus de Maria

Domus de Maria

Domus de Maria is a famous beach attraction among tourists in Sardinia. As a bonus, there are plenty of camping opportunities available in the city of Cagliari. You can find lot of tents in this place to camp on the beach and there is also no need to bring any camping accessories as they can be found here easily from the sellers. All you need to do is just rent them and use them as required. The lovely blue waters and white sand with its mesmerizing beauty brings lot of visitors to this place.




7) Salina


Among the Aeolian islands, one can come across an island known as Salina located above the sea with easy access to the beach. This city offers lot of scenic delights for the visitors including adventure sports ranging from scuba diving to water skiing, which makes it a great destination for having fun and relaxation. You can also find some fabulous restaurants along with nice hotels making this a perfect vacation spot.




8) Posada


Posada has a lot to offer its tourists including the coastal delights and the local culture of the region along with some of the scenic spots. There are plenty of nice beaches found in Posada along with lot of historical places with castles belonging to the 14th century. You can have a relaxing time in this coastal town and see plenty of interesting places found here.




9) Vendicari


If you are a nature lover, then this scenic and coastal beach is the ideal spot for spending some wonderful time and get closer to the nature. This pristine and lovely beach is completely free from pollution and extremely clean that attracts visitors to this place. You can also come across turtles laying their eggs in this beach along with different species of birds wandering in the coastal city. Besides, the lovely climate brings lot of tourists to this lovely beach spot in the city.




10) Castiglione della Pescaia


Castiglione della Pescaia

Just across the countryside of Maremma, you can find the lovely beach of Castiglione della Pescaia with the charm of the old style of living. Here, you will see a lovely countryside surrounded completely by blue waters and the best architecture with pristine ambience. This coastal city is completely breathtaking and there are plenty of things that catches your eyes. There is a Medieval castle located in this town, which is worth visiting and one of the best attractions of this place.




Thus, Italy is one of the best spots to find beaches surrounded by scenic landscapes and lined by coastal villages. The beaches are untouched and very clean with secluded spots that makes it attractive for most of the visitors coming here. Italian beaches offer the best way to relax and unwind from the stressful life and enjoy the nature's beauty.

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