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Travel in Italy


Life In Italy is not a simple travel and tourism site: we offer two general categories of Italian travel information. First, we provide useful, general information for foreigners travelling to Italy, including many helpful hints not always offered by other standard tourism-oriented sites. For example, we have pointers to help you use your American telephone in Italy as well as how to drive here. We include information about summer festivals put on by many Italian cities such as the Estate Romana that includes free concerts and other festivity held in historic locations and parks in the warm summer evening. If you are travelling by train, you should check our articles on the subject. ​


Travelling in Italy you might come across people dancing in the street in occasion of Street Festivals


The second category is a collection of articles about specific Italian locations. This section is growing and we are continually adding articles, but recognize that our task of covering Italian tourist locations can never be completed. If you have visited an out-of-the-way location and wish to contribute with an article, please use the contact us form and inform us.



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Most visited Italian attractions Part I
Friday, December 18TH, 2015 by Glauco
  This list is not a hit parade, and the order is merely narrative: our intention is to select 10 attractions that represent Italian art, history, culture, and entertainment. There are, of course, plenty more wonderful attractions in Italy than these 10, but regardless of personal preferences and tastes, the key here is to learn about a magnificent country and enjoy every moment spent on Italian soil.   The Coliseum We could not start anywhere else other than the Coliseum, a true symbol of what Rome, and later on Italy, stood and still stand for. Besides its...
See also Rome with Children   Everyone knows Italy is for lovers, but is it also for kids? Of course! If travelling to Italy, one shouldn't worry about bringing children along, as there is plenty for the whole family to do. In fact, taking your children to Italy may widen your traveling horizons. You may go for something cultural, yet fun, such as visiting ancient Roman ruins and exploring medieval castles, or enjoy  traditional marionette shows in Naples and Palermo. If you'd rather choose a more traditional sun, sand and sea holiday, you could choose a day on an activity fill...
Taste of Italy
Tuesday, December 15TH, 2015 by FrancescaBezzone
  I lived abroad for fifteen years, and the taste of Italy, I certainly missed. During this time, I have learnt a lot about my country. Yes, because for some mysterious trick of the mind, it is always when you are far from a place or from someone that you truly begin to know them: does that not happen to lovers as well, sometimes? Anyway: fifteen years away from Italy, fifteen years where I learnt to look at it more objectively. It is hard, because right now, one may think that the cons of being in the country (high taxes, no work, a risible political force) are overwhelmingly...
Grocery Shopping in Italy
Wednesday, December 09TH, 2015 by FrancescaBezzone
You may think grocery shopping is a silly topic for an article.    Farmers market in Venice (Dorli Photography/flickr)   Well, it would be if I went on telling you about the difference between shopping in supermarkets and local stores or about the advantages of buying fresh and organic products versus highly processed stuff. These are all things we all very much know and, If I said Italians only shop in small shops and eat exclusively things coming from their next door neighbor's orchard, I would only feed you a romantic stereotype that, even i...
Traveling With a Pet to Europe
Friday, November 20TH, 2015 by admin
Bringing Your Pet to Italy   Soft sided pet carrier like this one are often the best choice for in-cabin traveling (Tatiana   With suitcase in hand and carry-on strapped over one shoulder, it is time to wonder where dear old pussycat will fit among the traveling gear. We decided to read about traveling with pets which covered a slew of rules and regulations, though we still had many questions. Is he old enough to travel? Will he be comfortable? Do we have a proper kennel? Which flights will cater to him? It was time to face the challenge, and a reli...
Museums in Italy: Part I
Thursday, October 01TH, 2015 by Glauco
The Guggenheim Museum in Venice (Gabriella Alù/Flickr)   Italy is a country rich in art and artistic talent. The country holds between 55 to 65% of all the world's art. Based on these stats, it's clear that art lovers will have a lot to see and do in Italy, and that the country would have some of the best museums in the world. According to ISTAT, the National Statistics Institute, Italy is home to 4739 museums. Among them, the Musei Vaticani, the third, most visited museum in the world, after the Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. ...
Top 10 Rivers of Italy
Thursday, September 10TH, 2015 by ancos
There are plenty of splendid and beautiful rivers across Italy where one can get a glimpse of the natural scenic beauty located amidst calm surroundings.   They are famous for their history, for the scenery, the lovely little towns along their banks or the sports and activities, like rafting, you can do on their waters. The longest rivers are located in the North, because the peninsular part of Italy is cut in half by the Apennines. Nevertheless, there are important rivers in the South and in the islands of Italy, too. Here is a look at Italy's top ten most import...
Italy's Extraordinary Offbeat Attractions
Saturday, August 29TH, 2015 by admin
Offbeat Attractions in the Bel Paese   Your trip to Italy will be the vacation of a lifetime. Create some totally unique memories by visiting attractions which many travelers overlook. Some of the places we suggest you in this article are so marvelous you won't believe your own eyes!   Ready to find unknown destinations in the Bel Paese? (Moyan Brenn/flickr)   Florence   Florence is known for its art and beauty, but there are corners of the city unknown to the wider public. (Mario Cutroneo/flickr)   Florence...
Italy under water
Sunday, August 09TH, 2015 by FrancescaBezzone
Italy is a beautiful country and all that's above her soil is demonstration of it. There's also plenty of natural beauty under her sea, the Mediterranean having some of the most amazing marine flora and fauna in the world. Have you ever thought, though, about cities under water or entire Roman ports? Have you ever thought about abandoned villages, submerged by the green, cold waters of Alpine lakes? Well, Italy has some of those, too.    Mystery, history, progress... all played a part in the final dénouement of these places' existence. Here are their stories....