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Travel in Italy


Life In Italy is not a simple travel and tourism site: we offer two general categories of Italian travel information. First, we provide useful, general information for foreigners travelling to Italy, including many helpful hints not always offered by other standard tourism-oriented sites. For example, we have pointers to help you use your American telephone in Italy as well as how to drive here. We include information about summer festivals put on by many Italian cities such as the Estate Romana that includes free concerts and other festivity held in historic locations and parks in the warm summer evening. If you are travelling by train, you should check our articles on the subject. ​


Travelling in Italy you might come across people dancing in the street in occasion of Street Festivals


The second category is a collection of articles about specific Italian locations. This section is growing and we are continually adding articles, but recognize that our task of covering Italian tourist locations can never be completed. If you have visited an out-of-the-way location and wish to contribute with an article, please use the contact us form and inform us.



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Sambuca di Sicilia
Sunday, April 10TH, 2016 by FrancescaBezzone
Just before the Summer, lifeinitaly dedicated an article to the Borghi più Belli d'Italia, a national association supported by ANCI, the Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani (the National Association of Italy's Municipalities), created to promote tourism in Italy's smaller, yet highly characteristic towns and villages.    A view of Sambuca di Sicilia from the Lago Arancio (Ennio Gurrera/wikimedia)   The association has been working also with Italy's national tv, RAI, to elect every year the "Borgo dei Borghi," the fairest of all among Italy's quai...
See also Rome with Children   Everyone knows Italy is for lovers, but is it also for kids? Of course! If travelling to Italy, one shouldn't worry about bringing children along, as there is plenty for the whole family to do. In fact, taking your children to Italy may widen your traveling horizons. You may go for something cultural, yet fun, such as visiting ancient Roman ruins and exploring medieval castles, or enjoy  traditional marionette shows in Naples and Palermo. If you'd rather choose a more traditional sun, sand and sea holiday, you could choose a day on an activity fill...
My first trip to Italy!
Sunday, July 03TH, 2016 by FrancescaBezzone
Spending time in Italy today is not much of a cultural shock: in the end, both the US and Italy belong to the same western cultural context and share a good amount of habits. There are quirks and differences, though, and it's often these that make each of these countries interesting to the other.  If you're planning to visit any time soon, you may enjoy lifeinitaly's Italian "do's and dont's," a helpful hand to enjoy your stay in the Bel Paese to the max, all while avoiding everything that could put you in a bad mood. Read on, and enjoy your holiday!   Travelling to Ital...
Ancient fountain in Rome Ph.   In the world today few things are free, water included, the definitive gift from nature. Many are familiar with Rome’s famous fountains, but few seem to realize that the water coming from the fountains is not only free, but clean and drinkable. So when you’re in Rome be sure to take a sip from the waters of the Eternal City!   Notice this nasone's hole and SPQR coat of arms   The Nasoni: A Draw for Tourists The capital of Italy and one of its most populous cities, Rom...
Summer and the City
Wednesday, June 08TH, 2016 by FrancescaBezzone
When Summer comes, Italian streets get incredibly hot: in spite of this, people love spending time outdoors, because of the scents and lights of the season. The luckiest among us pack their bags and travel to the sea or the mountains, where temperatures are more bearable than in the cities. Not all of us can do it, though: it could be work, it could be one is strapped for money, but more and more Italians end up spending the Summer in the cities and town they are from.    But there is no reason to despair: even if you have to spend the hottest months of the year f...
Italy under water
Wednesday, June 08TH, 2016 by FrancescaBezzone
Italy is a beautiful country and all that's above her soil is demonstration of it. There's also plenty of natural beauty under her sea, the Mediterranean having some of the most amazing marine flora and fauna in the world. Have you ever thought, though, about cities under water or entire Roman ports? Have you ever thought about abandoned villages, submerged by the green, cold waters of Alpine lakes? Well, Italy has some of those, too.    Mystery, history, progress... all played a part in the final dénouement of these places' existence. Here are their stories....
Italy by Sea I
Tuesday, April 19TH, 2016 by admin
  Cruise liner in Venice   Whether you are a fan of big cruise lines, a sailing enthusiast or just fascinated by that beautiful blue Mediterranean, there are numerous options to see Italy by ship. Usually the itineraries covered by this type of travel include Italian ports of call among a larger tour of the Mediterranean. Italy's central location allows many great Italian cities such as Venice to be included in both Easter Mediterranean and Western Mediterranean tours. Visiting Italy by ship is a great way to maximize your travel experience in a relatively...
Italy By Sea III
Saturday, April 02TH, 2016 by justindemetri
  Sailing on Tuscan Sea. Ph. rabendeviaregia on flickr (   You do not have to be a sailor to want to visit Italy by sea. But what if you are a sailor, or a power boat owner? For those of us who are not interested in large, activity laden “floating resorts” there are plenty of other ways to visit Italy along its magnificent coastline. With a level of freedom not found on a cruise line, these types of sailing adventures open a much wider sampling of Italy and her islands. From majestic windjammers with canvas flying to small yachts, from fully-crew...
Italy By Sea II
Tuesday, March 15TH, 2016 by justindemetri
View of Positano Ph.   So you have decided to include Italy in your cruise itinerary, or maybe you have decided to explore the excitement associated with “Italian Style” cruising in other destinations. There are hundreds of cruising options available; considering that most companies offer similar routes and ports of call, what will really make the difference will be the quality of the service. Whether you want to visit Italy during your cruise vacation, want to indulge in Italy's gourmet greatness, or you just want to add a little extra fun on...