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Città Morte: Ghost towns of Italy
Tuesday, November 05TH, 2013 by admin
Roofless buildings, no plumbing or electricity, streets too narrow for the smallest Fiat, winds blowing trash and debris through empty windows - these are some of the images one experiences while exploring Italy's Città Morte, or dead cities. Better known to English speakers as Ghost Towns, many of these locations were abandoned after earthquakes reduced the major buildings to rubble. Citizens often decided, or were forced by the government, to move to a new location instead of rebuilding. Whether it was a natural disaster, lack of modern conveniences, or simply the dwindling of an elderly...
Writers Workshop
Thursday, May 12TH, 2011 by admin
I always feel so utterly American when I'm in Italy. As in not stylish, not seriously stunning and unable to make music whenever I speak. So, there I sat at my rickety little table in the warm-stoned square outside the bar, doing my best to not ruin the scenery. Teresa, my workshop coach and cheerleader, had told us to observe and write. I tried to focus. I sighed. I rearranged myself on the hard metal chair. I looked around at people going by. Then, I went right back to stalling, tapping my pen against the little notebook in front of me; clearly it was losing patience with me. I closed my...
Creative Writing
Sunday, November 07TH, 2010 by teresa_cutler
Creative Writing : Dante and his poemImagine yourself in the familiar environment of your house or your office, or wherever you usually write. You feel comfortable, at ease, familiar. Nothing wrong with that, but the truth is that sometimes we need an extra kick, extra incentive. If everything feels easy and comfortable, nothing pushes us to our limits – and beyond. Nothing pushes us to find the depths that more often than not produce our best writing. Now imagine yourself writing, but this time you’re sipping a cappuccino in the middle of an ancient town, in front of a beautiful and...
Writing workshop Italy Images
Sunday, September 12TH, 2010 by admin
In Tuscany - Landscape from Pienza In Tuscany - Landscape from PienzaAround the island on lake BolsenaIn TuscanyWriter workshop: Talking to SandraLunch with Mary JaneWriters workshop : On the boat in Civitavecchia Writer workshop in Rome - Taking photograph with PasqualeTortellini for lunch Back to Writing workshop
Photography Workshop in Italy
Tuesday, April 27TH, 2010 by admin
Offered by Pasquale Comegna, (photographer) & Paolo Nascimbeni (coordinator - Life in Italy LLC ) Pasquale is offering often workshops so Call for additional dates and availability From the US call Paolo 301 738-6827 EST to ask details or use the contact us form Photography workshop Rome Tuscany I just had a 2 days workshop with Pasquale and I enjoyed so much that I decided to offer the workshop to Life in Italy readers. (Paolo). See the list of workshops in Italian Paolo Nascimbeni ( founder of Life in Italy ) will join skilled photographer Pasquale Comegna for a 10 day workshop...
Val Grande National Park
Monday, January 18TH, 2010 by ancos
  Val Grande National Park   Enter Val Grande National Park and leave the modern world behind. There are no paved roads here or modern amenities, no people who live here either, just miles and miles of natural wonder and trails to help you explore it. Just try to restrain your wonder as you come across imposing mountain peaks of the Alps framed by clear skies and greenery, as well as a diverse array of plant and animal life, deep valleys and pristine lakes like the beautiful Lago Maggiore. Established in 1992 the park includes the territories of Vogagna, Trontano, Santa Maria Maggiore,...
Circeo National Park
Monday, January 18TH, 2010 by ancos
  Circeo National Park - Beach   An hour's drive from Rome, on the shores of the Thyrrenian Sea in the southern reaches of the Lazio region, you will find a national park that not only boasts an abundance of natural beauty, but a diverse collection of plant and animal life. In fact, when Cicrceo National Park was established in the 1930s it was done with the idea of protecting the biomes in the area, namely the different plants and animals that co-exist together to make up the rich biological life that now thrives here. The park not only boasts lush trees and beautiful stretches of beach,...
Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park
Monday, January 18TH, 2010 by ancos
    Bellunesi Dolomites - Giau Pass   The area covered by Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park is home to glorious natural landscapes and rare flora and fauna, which the park was instituted to protect. Located in the beautiful region of the South Eastern Alps the park includes imposing mountains like Mount Serva and Vette di Feltre, as well as gorgeous grassland and beautiful valleys. It is stunning to think that thousands of years ago this area was completely covered by glaciers, the last of which disappeared about 10,000 years ago.     Flora and Fauna The most important mammal in the...
Cinque Terre National Park
Monday, January 18TH, 2010 by ancos
  One of the Five Villages of Cinque Terre In the Liguria region of Italy, along the rugged coast of the Italian Riviera, one will find the Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre National Park includes the coastline, the villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, as well as the hills that surround them. A popular tourist destination reknowned for its beauty the Cinque Terre has been kept quaint and charming. Visitors can not even reach the area by car. A UNESCO World Heritage site the national park was established to ensure the integrity and ecological balance of...
Vesuvio National Park
Monday, January 18TH, 2010 by ancos
  Vesuvio National Park - The Volcano   Goethe once said once you've seen Naples you can die. Whether or not this is true is, of course, debatable, but what is certain is that one can't appreciate the unique characteristics of the city or it's people without taking into account that they live in the shadow of a mighty volcano. Mount Vesuvius, destroyer of Pompeii, is still active today and the Vesuvius National Park was created in part to safeguard this famous volcano. The park is also committed to promoting scientific research and environmental education in this area, which is so rich in...