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Italian Events Celebrating the Celtic Halloween Tradition
Saturday, October 18TH, 2014 by Anna De Filippo
If it all started as an unusual night to have fun, today Halloween has become more and more popular and an increasing number of Italian people are celebrating it from the north to the south of the country. Although Halloween was born as a pagan celebration, with Celtic origins, to honor the dead in...
Halloween in Italy
Saturday, October 18TH, 2014 by
  Halloween in Italy: zombies in the streets of Rome   Halloween in Italy: is it just an excuse for kids to spray shaving foam on strangers' cars, and for adults to dress up and party, or is there more to it?   These days, many have the feeling that Halloween...
Palio dei Mussi in Terrossa
Monday, July 28TH, 2014 by
In Terrossa, a small village in the province of Verona, since immemorial time every 4th week-end of July takes place a festival to celebrate and pay homage to what was once the main assistant to the farmer, the donkey.         When the donkey was replaced by tractors at the beginning of the 70s,...
Traditional events in Italy
Wednesday, June 25TH, 2014 by
Traditional Events in Italy's Many Cities   Italy is a country with a long history of traditions and cultural events. Depending on which time of the year you decide to visit and where you are staying, you may have the luck to participate to one of the numerous feasts the country offers. If...
Saturday, May 10TH, 2014 by
  The Festival of Calendimaggio     Calendimaggio: May 8-10 2014   The origins of the festival of Calendimaggio which takes place in Assisi, are to be found among the ancient customs of many different peoples, but especially in the Roman celebrations known as the "Fasti di...
Carnevale in Italia
Monday, January 20TH, 2014 by
New Year's in Italy
Thursday, December 26TH, 2013 by
New Year's in Italy   On the night of Saint Silvester (San Silvestro), December 31st, a worldwide party crosses countries and time zones. In general Italians celebrate like most others in the world often gathering to watch fireworks or setting off some of their own. Yet, if you...
Primi d'Italia
Thursday, September 19TH, 2013 by Anna De Filippo
Hundreds of types of pasta are made in Italy. An amount of about three hundred types is estimated to exist including several sizes: long, medium and short.Pasta lovers usually do not care about the type but everybody has their own favorite. However, if you want to taste something new or try some...
1 May: Italy celebrates the Worker's date
Wednesday, April 24TH, 2013 by Anna De Filippo
1 May: Italy celebrates International Workers' Day Iron WorkersMay in Italy begins with a public holiday based on an important anniversary: the Festa dei Lavoratori. Celebrated in more than eighty countries, in Italy, as in the rest of the world, International Workers' Day is an important day...
A romantic Valentine's day in Italy
Tuesday, February 12TH, 2013 by Anna De Filippo
A romantic Valentine's day in Italy Italy is famous for its romantic towns, which have often been the setting for unforgettable cinematic love scenes. There are several ways to have a great time with your partner for Valentine's day in Italy: la festa degli innamorati, the day of lovers, is...