A colorful journey among Italian landscapes
Wednesday, July 09TH, 2014 by Anna De Filippo
By Anna De Filippo   Italians would say anche l'occhio vuole la sua parte, appearance counts too, and colors certainly play a huge role when it comes to it. When traveling through Italy, tourists can be sure of one thing, they'll never face the same view. The country offers a variety of...
Bicycling in Tuscany
Saturday, May 10TH, 2014 by
Travel by Bike in Italy Up until now, we have been talking about biking in terms of those big, powerful shiny machines that roar through the countryside. Now I am going to talk to you about traditional biking, that is, on a two wheel vehicle with pedals and transmission chains, that gets you to...
Tours near Rome
Monday, September 20TH, 2010 by
Bracciano When people think of travelling to Italy one of the first places they think of visiting is Rome, and while the Eternal City should definitely be experienced once or twice, the country has so many other beautiful spots to choose from. If you want to experience the real Italian way of...
Friday, April 16TH, 2010 by
Itineraries are self guided tours. This section groups a set of suggested Itineraries. This section of Life In Italy is dedicated to the Self Guided tour (no tour guide). We will describe guided tours in the section Italy Tours.
Itineraries in Italy
Tuesday, January 12TH, 2010 by
  This section of Life in Italy groups a set of suggested Itineraries and it is a good place to start if you wish to get some more inspiration about what to visit when coming to our beautiful country. Here, you'll not only find articles about locations, but also about what each area of...
Palermo, Sicily: Itineraries
Friday, November 28TH, 2008 by
Palermo (Sicily) Itineraries and Tours   Palermo Sicily is said to be one of the places in Italy where “life is lived in the moment”, and to those who have ever visited this couldn’t be more true. There is an overwhelming amount of artistic excellence that fills the streets of Sicily....
Tours of Rome: Eat, Drink and Shop
Friday, November 28TH, 2008 by
Eating, Drinking & Shopping Tour of Rome   Via del CorsoWhen you visit Rome you’ll have to set some time aside to embrace more than its deep history. Touring Rome would be incomplete without embracing the food & drink, the nightlife and the shopping. Rome has maintained its reputation...
Rome Itineraries III
Friday, November 28TH, 2008 by
More Tours of Rome   Piazza di SpagnaUntil you’ve tasted, touched and experienced Rome, you’ll not know the historical authority and wonder this spectacular Italian City demands in its spectators. There’s a tremendous presence about the ancient Roman people, land and the numerous sights this City...
Rome Itineraries II
Friday, November 28TH, 2008 by
Tours of Rome   St. Peter by nightRome was magnificent, overwhelming and our launching pad upon arriving in Italy. We just arrived on a direct flight from a New York City airport after our fabulous wedding. My wife and I had always dreamt of visiting the “old country,” as our grandparents put it...
Milan Itineraries
Wednesday, November 26TH, 2008 by
Milan Tours & Itineraries   Milan like NYC.  Ph. © Milan is considered by many to be the fashion capital of Europe and thus the world. It is also the transport hub for Italy with Italy’s largest international airport. It is also Italy’s hub for...