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Travel Tips

Travel in Italy
Thursday, July 03TH, 2014 by
  Life In Italy is not a simple travel and tourism site: we offer two general categories of Italian travel information. First, we provide useful, general information for foreigners travelling to Italy, including many helpful hints not always offered by other standard tourism-oriented sites....
Italy in July
Friday, June 20TH, 2014 by
The Dolomites during the Summer (   Italy can be a wonderful place to visit during the summer, the only drawback being that some places are overrun with tourists: summer months are the peak of tourist season and our beaches, mountains and cities fill...
Italy in February
Saturday, January 11TH, 2014 by
Viareggio - Carnival February is one of the best months to visit Italy if you are on a tight budget. When it comes to travelling, spring and summer are preferred to the winter months  because of the warm, pleasant weather. For this reason airfares and hotels tend to offer better...
Visiting Italy during the winter
Thursday, December 19TH, 2013 by Anna De Filippo
Visiting Italy during the winter O sole mio is a Neapolitan song that makes us all think of summer, when the sun shines all over the Italian territory. A lot of people think about Italy as a place to visit during the hot season, but the country is really more of a  'four-season destination' ....
Italy in January
Thursday, October 31TH, 2013 by
Dolomites - Colfosco January is not really the best month to enjoy Italy: days are cold and short, but budget travelers might find the savings on airfare and accommodation attractive. In Italy, as in many other areas of the world, January is a month marked by cold weather,  but it is also...
Italy in December
Thursday, October 03TH, 2013 by
Rome - The Colosseum at Christmas Most tourists coming to Italy choose the summer months for their trip, but in truth, December can be an amazingly charming time of the year to visit. For some more holidays ideas, make sure to check our  Holidays in Italy Section. The majority of tourist...
Second-hand markets Italy
Saturday, February 02TH, 2013 by Anna De Filippo
Mercatini dell'usato: second-hand markets in Italy Going shopping is one of the nicest things to do during your free time. But if you think you need to spend a lot of money in Italy to get real good buys, you're wrong, as there're loads of places where to find beautiful objects and clothes for...
The most famous Christmas street markets in Italy
Tuesday, December 11TH, 2012 by Anna De Filippo
The most famous Christmas markets in Italy Christmas is probably the most loved festivity in Italy. Lights, Christmas carols and trees decorate every corner of the country, from the smallest villages to the largest cities. During this time of the year, Italians love going for walks, shopping and...
Some useful suggestions for tourists coming to Italy
Tuesday, November 06TH, 2012 by Anna De Filippo
Some useful suggestions for tourists coming to Italy The Baroque fountains of Rome, Italy Italy is one of the best liked tourist destination; Italians are famous for being warm and welcoming, however there are, in Italy as anywhere else in the world, some individuals ready to scam tourists and...
Life on Italian beaches: some basics you should know
Wednesday, August 15TH, 2012 by Anna De Filippo
Life on Italian beaches: some basics you should know The seaside is probably the favorite destination for all those choosing Italy for a summer vacation. Sea towns are spread all over the  territory and beaches become, during the summer,  overcrowded, yet organized places to spend the whole day in...