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Italy Weather in September

Vinyard in September

September is still a part of the tourist season in Italy, actually it is high season in Tuscany for example. In September the locals come back from the annual August holiday season so traffic in large towns is back to the usual levels. The weather gets a little cooler but the climate is still warm. There are still some food festivals and small art and music festivals all over the country during the month but not as frequent as in the summer. Visitors would generally find the rates a little lower than the preceding months so it would be a better month to travel for the budget conscious.


Weather in September

September is a great month to visit Italy due to the weather. In September, the temperatures begin to drop all over the country. Also, the weather in most parts of the country is usually dry, which is an added advantage. September is a great month for outdoor activities in Italy since the temperatures are not too high but not cold and the seaside resorts are less crowded as the locals head back to their respective towns for the re-opening of the schools after their August vacations. Autumn begins in Italy officially on September 23. September is also the month of various interesting festivals all across the country including the very well known Regatta in the Grand Canal of Venice.

above Regatta Storica in the Grand Canal of Venice


Northern Italy is comparatively much cooler in September than in August. In Milan and other parts of Northern Italy, the average temperature would remain between 12 to 24 degrees Celsius (54 to 75 degree Fahrenheit). In September, there might be occasional rainy days in Northern Italy where the temperatures might drop down by a fraction.


Sangiovese grape for Chianti wine - Photo courtesy of Sherseydc/Wikimedia



In Central Italy including cities like Rome the temperature climbs down by a notch. Average temperature is approximately between 17 to 26 degrees Celsius (62 to 79 degree Fahrenheit). In September, there are occasional rainy days so it is best to stay prepared and carry an umbrella in your luggage.


In Southern Italy and the seaside resorts, including Sicily, the temperatures begin to climb down but only by a small degree. In September, the temperatures remain between 22 to 27 degrees Celsius (72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit). The climate is usually dry in Southern Italy in September and rainfall is quite uncommon.

Precipitation in September can be occasionally seen in Central as well as in Northern Italy.


Where to Visit in September

Dolomites in September

In September, the locals would return back to their homes and work after their annual holidays in August so most places would have lesser crowds. Visitors can visit the beaches on the southern coast of Italy in September since it would still be warm in that area but not overly hot and the crowds would have already disappeared in September. Another great option is to visit for example the Roman ruins like "Il foro Romano" in Rome or Ostian Antica near Rome too hot to be enjoyed during the Summer months.


Festivals in September

In September there are lesser festivals in comparison to July and August but visitors would still find plenty of small festivals all over the country. Food festivals and even a few music and cultural festivals are organized in September, some of which have been mentioned below:

The Palio di San Rocco takes place at Figline Valdarno in Tuscany. The festival is said to be among one of the first ever races in the region. The event includes five days of celebrations which include a horse race, archery and jousting competitions in the first week of the month.


The MITO music festival takes place in September in the cities of Milan and Torino during the month. There are various types of musical performances that take place all through the month.


Venice - Historical regata


One of the most important festivals in Italy takes place in September in Venice. The Regatta Storica is the city's historic annual boat race which takes place the first Sunday of the month. There are four categories of race between men, women and children. Before the race starts there is a colorful parade.


Another important and rather a huge festival in September takes place in Viterbo known as Macchina di San Rosa on 3rd September. A beautiful procession takes place where the participants wear ancient costumes. The lighted tower of Macchina is 30 meters tall and has Santa Maria Rosa's statue, who is the town's patron saint. The statue, weighing 5 tons is carried by 100 porters throughout the town.


San Vito's day is celebrated in Ciminna is the province of Palermo in the first week of the month. There is a large parade where scenes from the life of the Saint are re-enacted. Along with the other celebrations, a livestock fair is also organized.


In Cordovado, Rievocazione Storica takes place. The festival is quite interesting since a 1571 noble wedding is recreated. The events include a large procession along with various tournaments and archery competitions where the locals participate.


In Misterbianco in Sicily, the festival of Madonna of the sick is celebrated in the first week of the month. In 1669 when Mount Etna erupted, the sanctuary had been miraculously saved from destruction. The festival celebrated that miracle. Events are spread out over five days.


One of the oldest festivals in the city of Florence is the feast of Rificolona. There are many outdoor events on 6th and 7th of September which includes a large fair. On Piazza Santa Croce, a large procession is led by the Cardinal to mark the end of the festival. Even in other parts of the region of Tuscany the feast is celebrated.

Florence - Basilica di Santa Croce


The white night or La Notte Bianca takes place in Rome every year on the second weekend of the month. All night long the city's squares are venues for outdoor entertainment and music events. The theaters and all the public places including the museums and the shops remain open all through the night. Even the public transport system offers discounted fares.


Festival of Madonna of Sea takes place in Patti, a small village in Sicily. The festival takes place on the second weekend of the month. A golden statue of the Madonna is carried in the procession to the sea. The statue is then placed in a decorated and illuminated boat for the boat procession. Later there is lots of food and wine, music and dancing.


Dorgali - Panorama - Photo courtesy of 8#X/Flickr

In Sardinia, Dorgali town celebrates the feast of its patron saints for eight days. Saints Cipriano and Cornelio are the patron saints of the town and the celebrations include parades with medieval costumes, traditional dances, food and wine.

 In Dozza, every odd-numbered year, there's a Festival of the painted walls, in occasion of which artists from all over the world come to this medieval village in Bologna to paint the walls of its buildings.

In Naples, the feast of their patron saint San Gennaro is celebrated on 19th September. The saint's blood is liquefied on the occasion which is followed by a week of celebrations and processions. The festival is considered to be one of the most important festivals of Naples. The celebrations include a large feast with traditional specialty foods and lots of wine along with music and dancing.

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