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Gay : Top Clubs and Bars

Top Gay / Lesbian Bars and Clubs in Italy
Top Gay / Lesbian Bars and Clubs in Italy


There is no shortage of hotspots for gay and lesbian travelers to Italy. From nightclubs to bars and cafes here is a city by city list of gay friendly spots. Typically the larger cities of North and Central Italy will have more gay/lesbian friendly places than smaller towns or the South. Visitors to Rome or Milan will have plenty of places to chose from and Bologna and Florence have their share as well.


Genova Gay Pride Parade 2009




Bologna is the center of Gay Italy with a series of firsts in gay rights and tolerance. There are several Gay/Lesbian locations in the city but most if not all of the Bologna's nightspots are gay friendly.

  1. Brief Encounter, Via Settima Strada 5, 776.073
  2. Cafe Chopin, Via Nazario Sauro 7b, 236.766
  3. Cassero, piazza Porta Saragozza 2
  4. Caveau del Terzo Piano, via Giambologna 4, 533.074
  5. Il Pachito, Via Polese 47C
  6. Matilda, Via A. Righi 9
  7. No Wall Bar, Via Moline 2/F



Capri is the most gay friendly place in the Naples area and has been a favorite destination for centuries. There are only a few clubs but the beaches are the real heart of Gay Capri.

  1. Piranha, Via Camerelle 61b, 837.6011
  2. Number 2, Via Camerelle 2, 837.0788



A city as important to the world of fashion as Florence certainly has its share of gay hangouts. From gay restaurants and bars to clubs and even a gay only bath house.

  1. Y.A.G Bar - located in a deconsecrated church. Via de' Macci 8r Tel : 055 2469022
  2. Piccolo Cafe Borgo Santa Croce 23r Tel: 055 241704
  3. Crisco Via Sant' Egidio 43r Tel: 055 2480580
  4. BK BAR Butterfly Kiss Via Alfieri, 95 - Sesto Fiorentino Tel: 055 4218878
  5. Silver Stud Via della Fornace 9, Oltrarno Tel: 055 688468
  6. Florence Baths Via Guelfa 93R Florence Tel: 055 216050
  7. Tabasco Disco Gay Piazza S. Cecilia 3 Florence Tel: 055 213000



The gay community in Genova is small, but vibrant and incorporates other locations along the Italian Riviera like the Cinque Terre. Besides a few clubs and bars there are also gay friendly accommodations and shopping in Genova.

  1. Company, Via Smirne 2, 581.489
  2. Diva, Piazza Tommaseo 17/R, 362.8652
  3. La Cage, Via Sampierdarena 167/R, 454.555
  4. L'Ibisco, Via delle Casette 21, 384.388
  5. Glamorama, Via Rivoli 12/R, 581.685



A major fashion capital with one of the biggest gay scenes in Southern Europe, Milan is the most gay-friendly city in Italy. Fast-paced Milan goes through gay clubs like shoe styles and so what might be hot one month might be gone the next.


  1. American Disaster, Via Boscovich 48
  2. Argos, Via Resegone #1, 697.2249
  3. Company Club, Via Benadir #14, 282.9481
  4. Hot Line Club, Via G. B. Sammartini 23, 6689.3506
  5. Man 2 Man, Umbria 120
  6. Nuova Idea, Via de Cstilla 30, 689.2753
  7. One Way, Via Renzo e Lucia 3, 846.6148
  8. Pape Satan, Via Baracchini
  9. Querrelle, Via de Castillia 20, 683.900
  10. Recycle, via Calabria, 5, 02.376.1531
  11. Segreto, Piazza Castello 1, 860.307
  12. Tommy & Chendler, Via Gesu
  13. Zip Club, Corso Sempione 76, 331.4904
  14. Cafeole, Via Chisea Rossa 69
  15. Hot Line Club, Corso Sempione 76, 669.88456
  16. Sottomarino Giallo, Via Donatello 2, 294.01047



Modena is a tolerant city with a small gay community. Modena does not have much in the way of gay nightlife since it is close to Bologna.

  1. Bar Majorca, Viale Medaglie D'Oro 47, 059.303341



The gay scene in Naples is not out in the open and there are only a few clubs. However there are “gay nights” at the regular clubs and Naples is more tolerant of the gay culture than other cities in Southern Italy.

  1. Bagatto Club Prive, Via Dumas Padre 3/A
  2. Blanche, Via Crispi, Gradini Amedeo 12



Padua is known to have an active gay scene, and has recently allowed for gay couples to live together. Gay travelers to Venice soon realize that you have to go to Padua for any sort of nightlife.

Mister gay italia 2008 Antony.

  1. Alcazar, Via Risorgimento 16, Fontaniva, 597.0475
  2. Etienne, Strada dei colli 18, 620.156
  3. La Dolce Vita, Via Monte Cero 40, 897.6778
  4. Pick Up, Via Longhin 41/a
  5. Tartan's Pub, Via C. Battisti 187, 875.6639



Parma is another one of Emilia Romagna's tolerant cities but there are only a few clubs and bars. Check local publications for new openings.

  1. Hangar 6268, Via Monte Sporno 16/A, 724.9394
  2. Andromeda V. Gramsci, 5 (Soragna) - Parma 0524.597204



The seaside resort of Riccione has only a few gay bars but that's because the community is centered on the sandy beaches. Together with Rimini, the area has plenty to chose from including gay friendly clubs, hotels and saunas.

  1. Bombo Bar, V.le Ceccarini, 140, 0541/690352
  2. Tatoo V. Tasso 2, Riccione (RN) Tel. 0541.648358
  3. Classic Club Via Feleto 15 - Rimini Tel. 335.5854640



Rome certainly has plenty of gay history, but it is only in the last decade that the modern gay community really started to flourish. In Rome Gay bars, clubs, shops and even outdoor events abound.

  1. L'Alibi, Via di Monte Testaccio 40-44, 574.34.48
  2. Apeiron, Via dei Quattro Cantoni 5, 482.88.20
  3. Asinocotto Wine Bar, Via dei Vascellari 48 (in Travestere), 589 89.85 Web:
  4. Coming Out, Via San Giovanni in Laterano 8, 700.98.71
  5. Edoardo II, Vicolo Margana 14, 6994.2419
  6. Frutta e Verdura, Via Placido Zurla 66/70, 348.450.06.86
  7. Garbo, Vicolo di Santa Margherita 1a (in Trastevere), 581.67.00
  8. Hangar, Via in Selci 69 (Metro Cavour), 4881.39.71
  9. Matisse Via Casilina Veccia 42, 347.430.18.81
  10. Max's Bar, Via Achille Grandi 7/a, 703.015.99
  11. Muccassassina, Via del Comercio 32, 541.39.85
  12. Oppio Cafe', Via delle Terme di Titi 72, 474.52.62
  13. Shelter, Via dei Vascellari 35 (in Trastevere), 588.0862
  14. Side, Via Pietro Verri 1 (near Coliseum, 348.692.94.72
  15. Skyline, Via degli Aurunci 26-28 (in San Lorenzo district), 444.08.17



Taormina is a gay friendly enclave in otherwise homophobic Sicily. It is a laidback paradise more suited for strolling and so does not have much of a gay nightlife.

  1. Casanova Pub, Via Ignazio Danti 20, 23.865
  2. Perroquet, Piazza S. Domenico 2, 24.808


Torre del Lago

Close to Viareggio, Torre del Lago is popular with gay beachgoers, which caters to an international gay community. The entire area is gay friendly and hosts the Friendly Versilia Mardi Gras in the summer.

  1. Mama Mia, Viale Europa 5, 351111



Not too much in the way of gay nightlife, but Vicenza has more than Venice. Only a couple of bars but the much more gay oriented scene in Padua is not far away.

  1. Alter Ego, Via Torricelle 9, 915.130
  2. Athos Top Bar, Contra Corpus Domini 31, 327.187