Italy in April

Spring in Italy, Italy Weather in April

Poplar Trees in Piedmont in Spring

April in Italy can be quite an experience. In April spring is already in full swing throughout the country, or at least in most parts and the landscapes in many parts of the country is a beautiful riot of colors. In Italy, the tourist season picks up in April. However, it is just the start of the main tourist season so visitors would not have to face the full heat of the high prices of airline tickets and hotel rates in April. April in Italy is a feast for all the senses because of the number of events that place in the country during the month.

Compared to January, February and March the rates would usually be higher for all tourist related services, but not as high as they are in the next few months. Those who want to experience the culture and are fond of cultural and food festivals would find April to be the perfect time to travel to Italy.


Weather in April

Italy is known for its really hot summers. However, in April the weather is still not very hot so it is quite comfortable to travel through the country. There are many sunny and warm days however popular say is "Aprile non ti scoprire" meaning in April do not get undressed for the seaside yet. However, the locations in the southern regions and especially along the coast would still be quite hot. Those who prefer a little cooler environment should stick to the central and northern areas of the country. Central Italy has mild climate in April.

The weather starts being warmer and sunnier

Northern Italy In Milan and other parts of Northern Italy, average temperatures remain between 4 and 17 degrees Celsius (40 to 62 degrees Farenheit) .

In Central Italy including Rome, the temperature is approximately between 8 to 17 degrees Celsius (47 to 63 degree Farenheit).

In Southern Italy and Sicily the water is still too cold but the sun is warm, especially if you are from a cold climate.


Where to visit in April

Visitors who want to visit hot locations and are looking forward for some sun and tan should head to the southern coast of Italy. Inschia is an excellent place to go in April for example: while the sea is not quite warm enough to swim in the Island of Ischia offers many warm spring and in a sunny day could feel like full Summer. The coast line in the southern region is dotted with many beautiful locations that are known for their excellent beaches. Other than that the best cities to visit in Italy in April are Rome, Venice and Verona. Rome celebrates its founding day in April so there are many interesting events and celebrations in the city. In Verona visitors would be able to participate in one the best artichoke festivals and Venice is wonderful all year round but in April it celebrates it patron Saint's day so there are many festivities which visitors could take advantage of.

Violet tulips in April

Festivals in April

April is the month of Easter and although it sometimes falls in March, it is usually celebrated in Italy in April. The festival is celebrated all across Italy and events and festivities start one week before Easter and they continue till Easter Monday which is a declared national holiday in th country.

Violet is king.

In Fermignano, a small town in Marche a very interesting event takes place on the weekend after Sunday. The event is known as Palio della Rana or the golden frogs' race. The contestants have to race with their frogs which are placed in small wheelbarrows. Before the main event there are firework shows and parades in medieval costumes.


Those who are in Rome in April would be able to celebrate the birthday of this world famous city. Rome had been founded in the year 753 BC and the city's birthday falls on 21st April. Each year various special public events, music concerts, live performances and festivals take place in the city. In the forum area traditional gladiator shows are organized and firework shows take place at the River Tiber.

Chemtrails 28-29-30 April- 1 May 2010 - Italy.

History lovers should head to the small town of Pontida in April which is located close to Bergamo. In the first week of April a historical enactment takes place in the location which marks the alliance that had taken place in 1167 between the cities of Cremona, Mantova, Brescia and Bergamo against Federico Barbarossa.


Saint George's Day is celebrated in Caresana in the region of Piedmont in Italy. The festivities are held on 23rd April each year and the highlight of the festival is a parade of floats which are pulled by several oxen.


Venice - San Marco - Basilica (Details)

Saint Mark or San Marco's Festival is held each year in Venice on 25th April. Saint Mark is Venice's patron saint and the main festivities take place in the famous San Marco Square. The festivities include a large procession that ends in the basilica. Various cultural events, live music and a large feast consisting of various regional delicacies take place in the city's square.


The small town of Narni in the region of Umbria is known for its medieval festival known as Corsa all'anello. The festival is also known as Race of the ring and takes place towards the end of the month. The festival is characterized by a typical jousting competition between three horsemen that try to snare rings.


Avetrana in Puglia region celebrates the day of its patron saint San Biagio on 28th April. There is a two day long festival during which a religious procession takes place. During the festival there are many live music bands, street fairs and other cultural events.


Food Festivals in April


April in Italy is also a good month for food lovers, especially for those who love artichokes. In April several different food festivals take place in various parts of the country. The Italian name for artichokes is Carciofi. There are also some asparagus or asparagi food festivals in some areas.

The best known artichoke food festival takes place close to Rome in Ladispoli. The festival takes place on second weekend of the month. During the festival many different varieties of regional dishes made from artichokes are served along with local breads. The Verona province is known for its special type of white asparagus. In April a week long festival of asparagus is held in the province which is known as Bassano del Grappa. There is also a fish festival in the region of Marche in the last week of the month. Various dishes made from Garogoj fish are seved during the festival.


Liberation Day

25th April: An old partisan speaks at a commemoration of the liberation of Italy from the Nazi-fascists

The Liberation Day is celebrated in Italy on 25th of April which is known as Festa della Liberazione. It is a national holiday in the country. The day is celebrated for the country's liberation after the Second World War when it had been held by the allies. On this day most attractions and public places would be closed as well as most stores.