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Italy's Weather in November

Alps in November

Every place has its significance irrespective of the time that you visit that place; similarly Italy is one of them. As a matter of fact Italy has got the maximum museums and churchs to visit. Dreary winters can be just a reason for you to move fast from one museum / church to other. While November in Italy is definitely getting cold, it is also a good time to visit the country if you are travelling on a low budget. Visitors can make up for the cold and damp winters by planning more indoor activities rather than outdoors. Visitors can also fight the cold by making frequent stops to the many cafes in Italy and sipping on hot, perfectly made coffees and hot chocolates. Local "vino" would also help visitors to fight the cold.

While tourists would be found in Italy all year long, November in Italy is not as busy at it is in other months. Visitors would be able to get space at hotels, get cheaper airfares and even would be able to get cheaper rates at the hotels so it is not a bad option to travel to Italy in November. US to Italy airfares during November are inexpensive than compared during summers. Most of the industries in tourism industry would have reduced their rates during this time of the year, so those who are budget conscious should definitely consider visiting Italy in November.

Weather in November

November is not really a great month to travel to Italy when it comes to the weather. The days in November are shorter and rainfall is quite often. However, the weather is not really unbearably cold, towards the beginning and mid November. However, the up side of travelling to Italy in November is that there are less number of tourists to be seen in most parts of the country. Also, there are plenty of great food festivals all around the country. New wine or the vino novella festivals are organized in quite a lot of parts of Italy as well as many chestnut based food festivals. The northern parts of Italy begin to get much colder in November with the start of the winters which can be quite harsh in Italy like in most parts of Europe.


Northern Italy the temperature climbs down quite steeply in November. In Milan and other parts of Northern Italy, the average temperature ranges from 1 degree to 11 degrees Celsius (33 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit). In November, there will be many wet days and expect the nights to be especially bitter cold.


In Central Italy including cities like Rome the temperature climbs down quite steeply as it is the beginning of winter, between 8 to 17 degrees Celsius (46 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit). In November, be ready for really cold nights, heavy rainfall and sudden showers.


In Southern Italy and the seaside resorts, including Sicily, the temperatures begins to climb down and the days get shorter. In November, the temperature remains 14 to 19 degrees Celsius (58 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit). In Southern Italy, there are many rainy days in November.

In the month of November, precipitation is very common all over Italy so it is best to stay equipped for such occasions.


Where to Visit in November

Milan - Cloister of Santa Maria delle Grazie in November

November would be a great month for visitors who do not want to stand in long queues for visiting the museums and the sight seeing attractions. Also, since the month is not a peak tourist season visitors would be able to find a lot of tourist services cheaper. Those who want to take an advantage of this lull in the tourist season should head to the larger metros and the main tourist art cities in Italy like Rome, Naples, Sienna, Pisa, Venice, Genoa or Florence since this would be the one time in the year when visitors would be able to peacefully visit all the world famous sight seeing attractions in these cities. Visitors can also head to the mountains in the north if they are fond of skiing and other winter sport activities, check for snow condition however since the season is just starting.


With November winter mountain activities season opens in the North. The northern areas of the country are famous internationally for their world renowned ski locations and November is a good time to take advantage of it but you wille have to check for snow conditions however since a November with no snow is not uncommon. Apart from the ski resorts, there are plenty of small picturesque villages along the Alps that provide for perfect day excursions. These medieval villages would have many charming traditional activities for visitors.

Festivals in November

All Saints Day (tutti i Santi): This day is a national holiday and is celebrated on 1st November. 2nd November is known as all Souls Day, on this day people get flowers to cemeteries for the deceased relatives in their honor. November is the beginning for cultural festivals, music and performing arts seasons.

Truffles: In Italy this is known as the star of November Festivals. You will find various truffle fairs in the central and northern regions of Italy. Chestnut festivals are also celebrated in various villages and towns in November. On Sundays restaurants highlight special meals like chestnuts, truffles and wild mushrooms. Fall is considered to be the best time to eat in Italy.

White Alba truffle

Piemonte Region: The biggest festival in Piedmont town of Italy is Alba White Truffle festival; this festival ends on the first weekend of November.

Tuscany: La Sagra del Bianco - San Miniato Truffle Fair, this truffle fair takes place in the hill town which is located in Miniato, and Miniato in the province of Pisa, Tuscany. This fair occurs on the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th weekends of November. November is considered to be the truffle gathering season, since 25% of the truffle production takes place in this region. You will see entertainment, craft stand and restarants with truffle menu. If you have not tried truffles this could be the right place for you to get introduced to them and try them out.


Music Festivals

One of the biggest cultural festivals of Rome is the Romaeuropa festival which has several dance, music and theater performances. The events are held at different venues in the city. Visitors would find plenty of outdoor performances and a festive air in the city. This is also a good opportunity to get a chance to interact with the locals of Rome.


Venice - Santa Maria della Salute

Even in Venice the famous horse show is held the second week of the month. The festival attracts participants and visitors from all over the world. There is a large parade in which the horses are decorated and the participants are dressed in period costumes. The parade takes place on the opening day of the festival and is quite colorful and interesting.

In Venice the Festival della Salute takes place on 21st November each year. The festival takes place at the church of Madonna della Salute and is celebrated or the deliverance of the city from the 1621 plague. Across the canal, a bridge is built on a temporary basis that the pilgrims use for crossing over to reach the church.

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