Civil Weddings

Civil Weddings & Civil Cerimonies in Italy
Civil Weddings & Civil Cerimonies in Italy



In Rome there are two city halls. The Complesso Vignola Mattei is set in a wooded area in the heart of Rome. You would practically swear that you were in the countryside. The tiny building dates back to Ancient Rome. Like most of the earliest Christian churches it started out as someone's home where the faithful would gather. In the early Middle Ages it was turned into a church and then later deconsacrated when the larger, more elaborate churches became the order of the day.



A wedding in Vignola Mattei, Rome


It is now a secular structure, dedicated exclusively by the city of Rome to the purpose of Civil Matrimony. An official of the Italian State wearing a Miss America style ribbon in the colors of Italy (red, white and green stripes) performs the act of matrimony. At the conclusion of which the celebrant presents the bride and groom with a bouquet of flowers as a gift from the city of Rome, along with their best wishes.


Wedding at the Sala Rossa (Red Chamber) at the Campidoglio
Ph. flickr/Fabio Di Lupo


In Rome civil weddings are also performed on the weekend in the Sala Rossa in Piazza del Campidoglio. The piazza is in the heart of Ancient and modern Rome and was designed by Michelangelo.


In Florence,  Civil Ceremonies are performed in Palazzo Vecchio,  historically the most important building in the whole city. In Siena,  it is held in the Town Hall facing Piazza del Campo, and in Venice in buildings overlooking Piazza San Marco.



By Brenda Babcock