School of Embroidery in Bolsena

Founded in 1995, after the first exhibition of “PIZZI A PALAZZO”

(Lace at the Palace) held in Bolsena between 10th and 17th August that

year, the “Bolsena Embroidery School ” has three years of experience

during which time it has seen an increasing enthusiasm and fervor both

in the commitment of its teachers and the curiosity and interest shown

by young and old alike in regard to this almost forgotten art form.

“Rakam” magazine, edited by the Rusconi Group in Milan, has given a

lot of publishing space to the work done by the school and has printed

articles both in its monthly edition and in “Rakam Collezione”.

Since it was first established, the “Bolsena Embroidery School” has

held courses in this art form; not only courses of the old traditional

embroidery in white, but also courses in unthreading, colored embroidery

and tapestry. In the art of lace-making courses in classical crochet

as well as “chiacchierino”, and “modano” and “tombolo” thread, have

enjoyed a great success finding enthusiast in and skilled students who

have succeeded in attaining an exceptionally high level of ability.

embroidery school bolsena italy

Particular interest has been shown in the Orvietan lace-work, a beautiful

re-working of the traditional Irish lace, which had been elaborated

and embellished with its own style in connection with the territory

and artistry of Orvieto around the 192O’s but which, in the course of

the 1 ant decades, had sadly suffered a consistent decline in production

in Orvieto itself.

Courses at the school re-opened in October along with a new collaboration

with Rakam and the School now enjoys a consultant status with the magazine,

specializing in the traditional stitches connected with the regions

of central Italy , such an “Ombra Stitch”, “Fiamma Stitch”, “Palestrina

Stitch” and the “Assisi Stitch” together with the Orvietan lace –

Ars Wetana

. These

are all now well-known by the readers of the magazine who request pictures,

samples, information and patterns for them.

The school is proud to have on its staff experienced local masters

of the arts gifted with both a practical skill and teaching ability.

Embroidery courses and workshops in Bolsena Italy

For each embroidery technique, the school offers:

  • Courses of 10 lessons, which are each 2 hours long ( for a total of 20 hours )
  • Individual courses / workshop cost 400 Euros for 20 hours
  • Group Courses / workshop cost 600 Euros for 20 hours ( for a minimum of 5 and maximum of 8 students )
  • Courses / workshops will be held preferably during the months of June / July / August

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