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Platinette‘s popularity took off after her appearances on the Maurizio Costanzo Show, a well-known night time talk show that launched many talents. Platinette never spared irony and spicy comments, rapidly grasping the attention of the audience while breaking into a conservative world that once only gave space to handsome men and nice looking girls. Maurizio gave a voice to a segment of society that had been largely silent on the public stage. Coruzzi‘s genius (Maurizio Coruzzi is Platinette’s real name), and a large part of why Platinette was embraced by Italians across the board, was that she didn’t just talk about matters pertaining to cross dressing, homosexuality or transgenders. Rather, Platinette went on TV to discuss and ridicule issues that everyone could relate to and in the process made many realize that even if people look different, or choose a different path, in the end we are really more the same than anything else. Moreover, the longer Platinette has been on television talking about things like politics, the less the crossdressing is even an issue for those who may have been taken aback at first.


A breaking point in his career was when Maurizio Costanzo asked Platinette to be interviewed as a man, without makeup. The interview was a success, revealing an unknown side to a character already famous in Italy. Coruzzi was able to reach deep inside his soul to communicate with the Italian public like he never had before. That moment probably helped his personal life, but also Platinette’s artistic image as she grew in popularity and people increasingly started to care about her opinion. Maurizio gained more airtime on TV and on the radio and Platinette nowadays is part of Italian pop culture. Still loud and often pushing the edge of vulgarity, Maurizio created a very interesting scenario, where people don’t care about his explosions, but indeed wait for the calmer moments when he talks about social or deeper topics. Platinette went the opposite direction, from over the board to normality, she catches the attention and then brings the audience where she wants, while most entertainers just scream and push the envelope without any true meaningful word or concept to communicate.


Of course, to the majority of people Platinette is still a very unusual character, but those that bypass the first impression will find an amazing human being with strong feelings and strong ideas. Some might not agree with her and her views, but that’s the beauty of life. As homosexuals are now encouraged to come out of the closet more than ever, a figure like Platinette symbolizes a sense of freedom and liberty, but also a public person to look up to. One who can provide strength and inspiration. Everyday day, Maurizio has his own show on the radio and entertains millions of people on their way to work and kids on the way to school, something unthinkable a generation ago, something that as a nation Italians should certainly be proud of. A trend that needs to continue.


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