Employment in Italy

Employment in Italy

As in many other places in the world, today Italy is experiencing a challenging time with regard to work and jobs. The economic downturn that has touched so many has caused problems in Italy as well. When discussing job situation in Italy it is also important to remember that it is a complex one and not homogeneous throughout the country.

The job situation is different in the northern, central and the southern regions of the country. There is a sharp contrast between the levels of unemployment in the South and those in the North (concerning several aspects like the development of the economic sector, age, type of job, qualifications, sex and age) while the Center is characterized by intermediate levels of unemployment.

According to data recorded by ISTAT, Italy’s National Statistics Institute, the average levels of Italian unemployment in 2009 fluctuated from a low 1.8 to a high 6.6 percent. Considering the number of Italian workers (both male and female), unemployment values are as follows: 1.8 in the North of Italy, 2.1 in the North-West, 1.2 in the North-East, 3.1 in the Center, 6.6 in the South. The average level of unemployment amounts to 3.4%, but we can see that there is a substantial difference between the North and the South in Italy.

Another difference arises when it comes to the type of sectors employing more workers. The North is typically focused on the development of particular products and these industries, in turn, provide the most jobs. The Center and South of Italy are generally concentrated on their own, different, industries.

In fact, according to statistics, there is a higher demand for workers in secondary production in the North compared to the South, while there is a higher number of people working in agriculture in the following southern regions: Calabria (9,5% of people employed in the region), Puglia (8,7%), Basilicata (7,6%), Sicilia (7,2%) and Molise (6,9%).

The difference is so evident we can talk about a true dualism between North and South when it comes to the availability of jobs . Whereas one might have trouble finding a job in the South it is much easier to do so in the North. This, in turn, is responsible for a lot of migration to the North, mostly caused by the need for more and better jobs.

Despite the relatively better availability of jobs in the North, it must be said that unemployment has become a huge problem throughout the country. The financial difficulties that most industries are facing have negatively impacted the lives of many ordinary Italians.

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