Home and Garden at the Heart of Italian Lifestyle


Italian Home and Decor Italian Home and Decor.
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While on the one hand Italians are moving ahead with the times, sporting the latest gadgets and the best of fashion, there is a part of them that still values the Italian home, and its surrounding garden.


Homes have been central to Italian social life and general lifestyle since historical times, and due to its importance in the Italian psyche, Italian interior design, Italian furniture, and generic Italian design are some of the areas of eminence for Italy. There was a wave of pioneering new design in all these areas after WW II due to the advent of prosperity to Italy, and to the world in general.


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Italians have always cherished family ties, and thus the venues where these ties are forged and reinforced: the kitchen where one generation's wisdom passes to another and love is shared, the bedroom where intimacies are established, the living room where guests are entertained, the garden which can provide not only spiritual, but also physical nourishment.

And then of course, there are the Italian bathrooms, which are some of the best maintained and aesthetically appealing in the world, with their ceramic tiles, gorgeous floors and spa-like baths.


Italian gardens flourished during the war, when many Italians were forced to fall back on their gardens for subsistence. They have always had a pride of place in Italian villas, but they became the objects of pride for the common man in the post-war era, and remain so to this day.


In this section on Italian Home and Garden, Life in Italy will keep abreast of Italian design trends, the various looks of Italian decor and furniture, and take the reader on a journey of knowledge and discovery. This journey is bound to be worthwhile, because when it comes to garden and interiors, Italians have a tradition of excellence.


Introduction by: Damyanti Ghosh