essential oils for a spa in italy

Beauty Treatments at Italian Spas II

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Spa: The Italian Way to Relax

At the center of the Italian philosophy of well-being, as in many cultures, lies the belief that the well-being of the body and of the inner spirit are intertwined and irrevocably linked for eternity. Following this centuries old tradition of providing for the wellness of the entire being, the spas in Italy are designed to rejuvenate people to a renewed level of vitality.

essential oils for a spa in italy

Just as the ancient Romans believed in the restorative powers of the hot springs, modern Italians continue the tradition. Italy is a treasure chest of mineral and thermal waters that draw millions of visitors, native and tourist, every year. The therapeutic nature of the waters draw health conscious individuals to the aesthetically designed spas and their proximity to cultural areas prolong the stay and turn it into a true resort experience.

The geological structure of Italy created the circumstances providing the immense network of thermal and mineral waters that have attracted international attention. Dormant volcanoes created the scenic beauty of Italy and the rejuvenating waters of the spas for which it is so well-known.

The chemical composition of the thermal waters, provided by the volcanic activity of ancient times, is generally credited with the restorative nature of these waters. Generally, the waters include a high composition of sulphur, bromide, iodide, and sodium chloride. The waters are tested on a regular basis by the regional health department for their pureness. The spas are meticulously maintained in an effort to provide the best services for promoting general health.

The natural relaxation provided by the thermal waters alleviates the stress of daily living and restores an inner balance. Immersion in the waters of the hot springs promotes the well-being of the individual and provides an inner core of strength from which to engage the demands of life. Italian spas offer a diversity of treatments to strengthen the mind and the body and to improve the quality of life for each and every spa visitor.

Water Treatments at Italian Spas
Water Treatments at Italian Spas

Italian spas have the double blessing of restorative waters nestled and tucked in the center of panoramic vistas and outstanding weather conditions. Spa visitors can experience the restorative powers of the hot springs and continue the process while communing with nature afterwards as they bask in the natural element of the sun’s warmth surrounded by the natural beauty of cypress trees. Garden walks, special diets, mudpacks, beauty treatments and slimming and toning massages complement and enhance the spa experience.

In general, the restorative waters of the hot springs have temperatures ranging between 38°C and 43°C. Many of the spas include a water therapy using partitioned channels of water that undergo a series of successive temperature changes. As the individual walks through at a leisurely pace, the temperature changes of the water should restore the individual’s circulation to a beneficial level.

In addition to simple restorative measures, Italian spas are designed to treat specific health conditions as well. Special booths are available for the treatment of sinus conditions. A fine mist of thermal water is sprayed into the face of the sinus sufferer in an attempt to cure or, at the very least, alleviate some of the symptoms experienced by the individual.

Furthermore, small cubicles or rooms are designed to deal with additional respiratory ailments, such as asthma. The rooms are designed to generate a restorative steam that is provided in a group setting. Physicians at the spa make a determination as to the need to isolate any patients who arrive for treatment. Occasionally, the presence of a contagious condition will require patients to receive treatment on an individual basis.

Thermal waters are known to relieve pain and fatigue, hence the reputation for restoring the well-being of those who partake of the experience. Quite often, the healing waters are used to treat such conditions as skin problems, joint problems, gout, arthritis, vascular difficulties, respiratory ailments, and metabolic disorders. Many of Italy’s spas promote healing with mud baths for those afflicted with rheumatic illnesses, as well as, respiratory and female ailments.

Additionally, the mineral waters provide restorative cold waters for drinking purposes.The mineral waters are well-known for their health enhancing properties.The ancient thermal springs with their steaming waters and recuperative powers, complemented with the outstanding climatic conditions and arrays of great natural beauty, provide an invigorating experience unrivaled elsewhere. Visitors enjoy the richness of Italy in every sense of the word- atmosphere, scenic beauty, excellent weather, health enhancing elements, and hospitality. Italy, a country developed from the phenomena of volcanic activity, has exploded into a country of phenomenal experiences.

By Susan M. Keenan

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