Cosmetics Made at Home II

You Can Have Great Skin Using Fruits

You don’t need expensive toners, moisturizers and other skin repair formulas in order to have great skin. In fact, you can achieve a healthier skin right from your home with the help of fruits. Lemon, papaya, avocado, citrus fruits, grape and pineapple are among a few of the fruits with natural skin care properties.

Lemons for Beauty, Italy

Lemon rind, when mixed with powdered milk and almond meal, becomes a great and inexpensive homemade facial scrub. To create this natural facial scrub, mix one part lemon rind, one part powdered milk and two parts almond meal. Add half a part lemon juice for that extra clean.

If you have lackluster skin, papaya can give back the natural glow to your skin. Mash one half cup of fresh, ripe papaya and slather it on your skin. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then rinse. Your skin will look vibrant and fresh.

Papaya for Beauty, Italy

However, if your problem is dry skin, the remedy may already be sitting on your kitchen counter: the main ingredient in guacamole dip, the avocado. Mash half a cup of ripe avocado and apply it gently on the dry areas on your skin. Rinse off the avocado after 15 minutes. Your dry skin will be moisturized.

Mashed Banana Facepacks for Beauty, Italy

Bananas are another fruity remedy for dry skin as well as scaly skin. Mash two ripe bananas and apply it on the dry or scaly areas on your skin. Wait about ten minutes before rinsing the mashed bananas off.

Citrus Fruits for Beauty, Italy

Citrus fruits can do wonders if you have oily skin. Squeeze a few drops of citrus juice in your bath water and the acids in the citrus fruits will kill the bacteria in your skin as well as dry up the excess oil.

Citrus fruits are not only great for oily skin; they also lighten the dark spots on the skin. Rub lemon juice over the dark spots on your skin. Since citrus fruits tend to dry the skin, make sure you apply a little lotion on the areas to finish off. The lotion will counteract the drying effect of the lemon juice.

Red Grapes for Anti-oxidant Beauty, Italy

If your face needs some pep, red grapes can give it an anti-oxidant lift. Wash your face before massaging mashed red grapes on it. Let the mashed grapes work their magic on your face for ten minutes and then rinse it off with cool water.

Pinapples to Remove Dryness, Italy

Don’t you just hate it when your elbows get dry, itchy and scaly? Dry, scaly elbows don’t look attractive at all. You can remedy this skin problem by exfoliating using a good, and natural, body scrub: fresh pineapple. Rub some mashed, fresh pineapple onto your elbows (as well as on other dry, itchy and scaly areas on your body) and rinse it off after 15 minutes. Apply lotion or moisturizer to finish it off.

There you go – a few ways that you can use fruits for your own personal skin care regime at home. If you’re living on a budget, you don’t need to neglect your skin just because you can’t afford to buy skin care products. And if you’ve tried every skin care product there is on the market without much success, then go back to nature. Take advantage of the natural skin care powers of fruits.

By Shery Russ

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