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This make up article by our friend Tonia Coletti will teach us how Italian creativity can be scary too!

make up: Complections

Make Up is not only meant to enhance natural beauty, cover blemishes, highlight or contour facial structures, but also meant and used for changing the way the face and body are naturally supposed to appear. Whether it be having the illusion that something is taken out, or adding it in. Not all make up is pretty. Most artists who specialize in special effects hear compliments such as… “That is grose” or “Oh my goodness that is so ugly looking”. All in all, often the uglier the better, the scarier the better even the most painful looking the better.

Prosthetics are not always needed in special effects make up, however they do a fantastic job. You can also achieve great results by using a variety of make up brands to create the look you are aiming for such as, bruises and cuts, diseases and burns, bullet wounds and even old age.

Make up: Dermatology

Just by using powder and brushes you can easily have an individual in their teens instantly transformed to look twenty to fifty years older. Applying bald caps and some facial hair to enhance the look is just like adding icing to the cake.

Make up: Arm

Broken down character make up is a look which is easily achieved just by using what you already have and breaking it down. For instance, if a character has lost a loved one, is sick or tired using their existing make up application and ‘messing it up’ gives you the effect that they feel worn out and drained. Smudging mascara, paling out their skin, creating dark circles under their eyes, adding some red to the inner torso plate even on the tip of their nose.

Make up: Frostbite

All gives you the effect this person has been crying and is drained. Using liquid latex is also a huge plus in special effects make up. It could be used for aging, chapped and dry lips even burns. Imagination is key, and with a few special materials you can have your envision turned into reality. Practice makes perfection and dedication makes dreams become reality.

make up: Film

When you have some free time, visit a local store and purchase a few items to start off with. Dark blood, liquid latex, brushes, sponges for blending and any special effects make up brand. Practice on your arm, on your friends, look online for ideas and before you know it you would have created something fantastic…I mean “Grose”.

Thanks for reading

Tonia Coletti

Professional Make Up Artist

Tonia is an Italian_Canadian Professional Make up Artist from Toronto, Canada

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