Who doesn’t love the beach? Sand, sun and beautiful water. The beaches of the Mediterranean are stunning. Italy is full of beach babes and what do those beach babes wear? Swimsuits, especially the barely-there bikinis. It’s enough to make your head spin, right? Personally, I’m a swimsuit watcher. I love to see what the designers do with the flimsy fabric. It gets sexier all the time. In this article, we’ll explore 10 of the sexiest and hottest Italian-made suits to ever hit the beach.



sexy italian bikini
Sexy Italian Bikini: Roberto Cavalli

1) This bikini (left) comes to us from Roberto Cavalli, a master Italian fashion designer.


It’s green and has a fish-like scale print.


It’s just oh-so-sexy.


The piece has a triangle top that closes in a halter in the back and a bottom that gently cups the rear with string enclosures on the sides.





sexy italian bikini
Sexy Italian Bikini: Giuseppe Mulier

2) How can you not love this sexy black number from Giuseppe Mulier of the Bikini Company?


It’s little but provides enough coverage to leave something to the imagination.


The starfish print is used in strategic places such as the left breast and the middle of the bottom front as an accent.


This creates a very adult – and very sexy – look. This is great for swimming and for sunbathing.





sexy italian bikini one piece
Sexy Italian Bikini: Dolce&Gabbana

3) From the design geniuses of Dolce & Gabbana, we have this white one-piece suit with peek-a-boo front and criss-cross halter top.


The D&G logo is strategically placed in the front bottom of the suit.


The high-cut legs and flattering design have a surprisingly-slimming effect too!


It’s D&G! It’s fantastic! It’s swimwear that will make anyone look hot, hot, hot!





sexy italian bikini
Sexy Italian Bikini: Missoni Sport

4) Missoni Sport brings us this sexy little number that’s practical and adorable.


This is catwalk style that you can swim Olympic-type laps in.


The cut-outs on the side flash some sexy, sexy skin and the stripe print which is a trademark of Missoni’s helps to draw the eye to the exposed flesh.


The shoulder straps are thin. The neckline plunges; and, the thigh slits are high cut. The material is 80% nylon and 20% spandex which makes it perfect for any swim-type activity you love to indulge in.





sexy italian bikini
Sexy Italian Bikini: La Perla

5) This polyamide/lycra suit from Verde Veronica by La Perla has an innovative, metallic look with fantastic accents.


It’ll make you the hottest thing on the beach, ladies.


The bottom is cut at a generous angle in the back to skim your bottom and expose some sexy skin. The triangle halter top is just gorgeous.


On the top of the bra and brief, we have stunning gold rings that add some bling to this bikini.


Ties enclose the piece from all sides. This is the perfect bikini to wear if you’d rather be noticed for your curves than your swimming ability. It’s a piece of art.




sexy italian bikini
Sexy Italian Bikini: Versace

6) Versace is known for its artistic and sexy creations.


This bikini doesn’t disappoint on either front.


A double triangle-halter top string gives extra support for the breasts which are gently cupped in movable mostly-nylon fabric.


The print is part floral but totally avant-garde. The colors are white, pink and black with a hint of yellow to draw the eye to specific points. This suit is a visual feast for the eyes.


Absolutely stunning!





sexy italian bikini
Sexy Italian Bikini: Blumarine

7) This sexy gold-toned one piece from Blumarine is just a dream.


It looks like it was made for a goddess. The fabric skims the curves every so gently, practically caressing them.


The shiny, gold-tone insert is not only creative branding that says “Blumarine”, it’s also eye-catching and a great way to camouflage a wee bit of a tummy.


The generous high-cut thigh will make any leg appear longer and prettier. The bottom is cut to skim the derriere and meets in a “v” at the lowest point.





sexy italian bikini
Sexy Italian Bikini: Fendi


8) The apricot color of this Fendi bikini is best worn with tanned skin. It shoes an olive complexion off to its best advantage.


I love this piece because it’s sexy but not too over the top. The bust is almost a sports bra in appearance. It gives great coverage and provides just a tease of what lies beneath.

The bottoms of this piece are what is most striking. Of course, both pieces have the Fendi logo.


The bottom has cut-outs on the side with just a string holding the piece together.


The brief falls perfectly and flatters those with bottoms that nature already blessed. It’s a stunning piece that is elegant, simple and very sexy.




sexy italian bikini
Sexy Italian Bikini: Emilio Pucci


9) Last, but not least, is this retro bikini inspired by Emilio Pucci.


Step back in time to the 1950s with this sexy paisley print bikini with a colorful striped band underneath the bust that is almost like a color chart for the entire piece.

Ties on the back and neck of the top and sides of the panty ensure full coverage at all times.


This piece is absolutely fantastic and a throw-back to a simple time. It’s a shout out to one of the innovators of the bikini. Che cosa meravigliosa!




So, there you have it, ten of the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful swimsuits to ever hit the beach. Enjoy!



by Domenica DiPiero

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