Italian Food Articles

Typical Italian food – credit: Italian Government Tourist Board NA

In Italy food is culture. It’s part of the life style and history of the Country.

The story of great Italian cuisine is a colorful one.

Most of the more traditional dishes are what we call evolution of the poorer cuisine, inventive driven by needs that over time become the cornerstone of one of the most renowned cuisines in the world, one that uses only the best and freshest natural ingredients.

Other traditional dishes, like the ones based on games and fowls, originates in the kitchens of the upper classes, foods reserved for the nobles, with an eye for genuine and pure flavors. Italians aren’t fond of complicated sauces and elaborate dressings and preparations that mask the true flavor of their dishes.

And don’t forget the influences from the many populations that inhabited Italy, from the natives to the invading Germans, Arabs, French, Spanish, and the many more that the Italians got in contact with while trading with the East.

Each Italian region with its own unique history has left its mark on Italian cooking. In this section we explore the history and cultural significance of Italian foods and traditions linked to the cuisine.

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