Modern Italian Beds

Italian Made Beds

Home is where the heart is. Everyone turns to home for comfort, relaxation

and satisfaction. And, at home, we all have our favorite spots to relax,

unwind and release stress. For most of us, the bed room is this favorite

spot because we know that we can relax and just rest in our bed rooms.

To fortify this relaxed feeling, special care needs to be taken to choose

the right kind of beds that are comfortable and make a perfect fit for

our body. The new modern Italian beds score well as a replacement to

the ones from the old school.

Opposed to the contemporary beds,

modern beds offer quite a lot. Custom designs, styles and other attendant

frills are quite common with modern beds. Manufacturers vie with each

other to provide features that would attract customers to their product

and influence the buying. Since these beds are meant to provide you

comfort, help you feel relaxed and unwind, the price by itself often

does not make up the major criteria. Once you identify some useful features

with a particular make, you could be willing to spend that extra little

money to ensure an additional degree of comfort.

If the revolutionary designs and features of the modern Italian beds

were not enough in itself, the internet has made it all the more compelling

to take a good look at the variety of offerings in the market place.

Right within the comfort of your bed room, you can visually inspect

a wide array of modern Italian beds, raise queries, look for bargains

and finally, order out the bed of your choice. The effort required from

you for all this is just a few clicks and of course your credit card.

Modern Chest of Drawers

Once you have chosen the right modern Italian bed for you, the next

thing you would be looking for is Modern chest of drawers. Useful and

elegant looking storage is an essential part of any bed room and yours

can be no exception. Chest drawers smoothly finished and with trendy

designs are great and handy storage space which will make your room

look good. Dressers and nightstands in attractive Italian designs with

smart wood and leather finishes are available to answer your aspirations

and budget. Some of the chest designs you can choose from are: Modern

Italian chest of drawers – Diva, Modern Italian Chest of Drawers – Ego

or Modern Italian Chest of Drawers – Odissea, all shown below.

chest drawers italy italian

drawers furniture italy

Diva on the left, Ego on the right


You will certainly be able to view several other designs and models

when you visit the relevant internet web sites.

Modern Italian Dressers

Having decided on your modern Italian Bed and the modern Italian

Chest, you would now want to look at the Modern Italian Dressers to

provide the ambience to your Bed room as well as keep your dressing

aids stored in an organized and handy way. The Dandy_4 drawer dresser

or the Monaco 6 drawer wooden dresser are some of the representative

samples you could see on the internet.

dandy dresser italy furniture

Monaco dresser drawer italy

Dandy on the left, Monaco on the right

These are simply representative samples of the various types of dressers

available in the market and your selection process can be wider when

you physically visit the stores or browse through the several hundred

offerings available on the internet.

Decorative Pillows

To accentuate your home/bed-room furniture you will need decorative

pillows, pillow cover, cushions etc. The Italian modern cushion covers

have the ability to transform the way your furniture looks and provide

a face lift to your living space or bed room. There are several contemporary

as well as modern designs on offer and each of them use elegant textiles

to bring about the end product. To start furnishing your home, you can

pick out unique designs and vibrant colors from a range of offerings

to suit your taste and budget. The Hold modern pillow or the Trio modern

pillow or the Lane designer pillow can assist you in your selection

and more such samples can be viewed on the internet.

designer pillow italy italian

italy pillow design decordecorative pillow italy furniture

Merge with the Italian Decorating Style

Having selected your Bed, Pillows and Bedroom furniture, you would

now feel the need to merge the rest of your furnishings to the great

Italian Decorating style. If you are looking for that Tuscan country

side feeling from your décor, the Italian style will be the best answer.

For a professional look, window treatments will be equally important.

If you choose your curtains, drapes etc. for your windows carefully,

you are sure to get that earthy ambience. Simplicity will be the watchword

and to add style, you can look around for small things that can polish

the look and feel of your décor.

When you get the accessories, rugs and furniture synchronized with

your themes, it would be an easy and interesting exercise to implement

Italian country decorating style. Your creativity can then be put to

best use to obtain that grand Italian look. Selected pieces of furniture

and accessories can add a bit of that old-world Italy to your home.

For an enhancement, you could even try some pieces of the Tuscan Style,

Renaissance or just contemporary designs. Good rugs in subtle colors

synchronizing with the environment will glaze your effort since it may

not be necessary to emphasize that good flooring always makes a major


The Tuscan Style

It is towards the end of the 14th century that the dark ages in Europe

began to fade paving way for the rebirth in culture, a search for knowledge

and scientific advancement. The growth of the craft guilds for furniture

makers also began around the same period. Renaissance furniture typically

is large, ornate and heavy with delicate carvings portraying almost

everything – fruits – vegetables – birds – human figures, almost everything

that occurred to the artist. The renaissance pieces are generally big

– big indeed and can eventually dwarf every other thing particularly

in smaller rooms. Renaissance began in Tuscany, but spread throughout

the rest of Italy.

Simple, rustic but opulent looking designs are the path Tuscan furniture

took and was predominant in the rural areas of the country. The Tuscan

furniture is sturdy but is not ornate. The accessory pieces like wrought-iron

tables and the ceramic and earthenware jugs lend it the distinct look.

Projecting a relaxed, lived-in style is all what the Tuscan style is

all about. Tapestries and murals cover the walls, throw-pillows and

blankets can be found everywhere and bowls of brightly colored fruit

– Real or artificial decorated the large kitchen tapes. From the ceilings,

herbs hang and the cupboards display linens or dishes.

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