Italian Garden Design Service

Italian Garden Design Service

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Tuscan garden designer

Tuscan gardens and Tuscan style in general have taken the modern gardening world by storm. The style and natural philosophy involved in making a Tuscan garden both lend themselves rather well to modern attitudes regarding ecology and living close to nature.


Although making a Tuscan-style garden has become the dream of many avante garde couples, it is still way beyond the financial reaches of most of us, as the expertise necessary to design and create a Tuscan garden is often expensive and complicated.


tuscan garden

As a garden designer, living and designing gardens in Tuscany I have responded to this massive international demand by expanding my design practice 'ecoLogica'. "Tuscany at home" offers a low-cost, contemporary design service from my base here in Siena, Tuscany.

By simply providing a few digital photographs and a scale-plan of your property, ecoLogica can provide you with a beautifully detailed, 2-D hand-drawn design for your garden, without the elevated costs of inviting over an expert to design your garden.

custom garden designercustom garden designer

Prices start from just $400 and any increases on this price are determined on the size of the garden and the presence of hard landscaping, such as walls, swimming-pools and water features etc.

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beautiful petalsvirbrant flowers

Selection of photographs of a 500 year-old Renaissance courtyard in Tuscany designed and created by ecoLogica™ are shown in this article.



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