Enjoy this very funny flash-movie by Bruno Bozzetto. This flash cartoon does not intend to ridicule Italians, since I myself am Italian, and I am very proud of being Italian but since the rest of Life in Italy is painting Italy more and more like “Heaven on Earth,” I added this cartoon and I will add some jokes pages to compensate. I am trying to give a more honest image. So please look at the video with some sense of humor –   Ciao

…If you enjoyed the flash cartoon above try the video about in
Driving Naples, Italy and Riding a Vespa

Cartoon Rossi

Many Many thanks to the cartoonist Bruno Bozzetto, the creator of Mr. Rossi who allowed me to use his short film.

Click to see Mr. Bozzetto web site to The world of Mr. Rossi

The music is by Roberto Frattini.

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