Fiat comes back to the USA


Since 2010, when Fiat and Chrysler entered the same group, Fiat started selling its iconic Fiat 500 in the American market.

As Sergio Marchionne, Fiat’s former CEO, promised, Fiat is back to the US market. “And in a big style, too!”
We will not see just the new Fiat 500. Mr. Marchionne is having contacts with some major US motor companies, in Detroit, for a joint venture regarding the production of Alfa Romeo, and IVECO, directly on the US territory.

“I always had the idea that we must produce directly on USA soil” – Mr. Marchionne quotes – ” We cannot make profits in the USA by producing in Europe, thus, it’s absolutely necessary to do it in the US.”

Alfa Romeo – owned by Fiat, like Ferrari, Iveco and a few other minor brands – got out of the US market in 1995, will now distribute and sell cars – absorbing its past losses – and, starting from next year, will begin its local production with a US partner.

Chrysler and GM did not comment Mr. Marchione’s words, who also pointed out that: “the number of American companies can be counted on one hand’s fingers, and are reducing the production in the US, thus having a large amount of unutilized plants to be, eventually, reactivated.”

Another happy lad, believe it or not, is Bill Gates!

Mr. Gates pointed out that the first cooperation, Microsoft ever had with a car company, was with Fiat, for which an automotive entertainment and communication system, was developed. Not even Ford was so lucky!

The ‘500’ amazed its viewers, besides for its technological progress, its interiors, its dimensions – small outside, big inside – low mileage per gallon and its modern style.

Alfa Romeo had, instead, the usual success with its famous restyled – spider, definitely for a more sportif range of amateurs. The first Alfa to be sold again on US soil was the 4C Coupé and 4C spider, in 2014; in 2016 Alfa released the Nuova Giulia, followed by the Suv Stelvio.

As it is for Fiat, if everything goes according to plans, the Linea, the Bravo and the Crossover, which will have both features: of a Mpv and a Suv, will land in the US.

Not bad for a comeback, for a full Italian style!!

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