Tazzari Zero

Car manufacturers are now caught up in the scramble for the development of fuel efficient vehicles with the ideal of an electric car that overcomes the obstacles it has faced to date. A beacon of hope on the horizon is the new electric vehicle from the Italian car design Tazzari Group dubbed the “Zero” which will make its debut at the Bologna International Motor Show in December 2009. The estimated launch price should be less than €20,000 per unit.

Distribution in the United States is anticipated to begin early in 2010 through the exclusive agency of Verdek-EV. The Tazzari brand will focus their energy on the manufacture of small electric vehicles and is located in the same region of Italy as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

The Tazzari Zero is a NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) that operates on lithium-ion batteries with an outstanding range of 88 miles between recharging for less than $2. The use of lithium-ion batteries is the ideal power source for a NEV; the batteries have an estimated life of 50,000 miles and can be recharged in as little as 50 minutes (at 80% of the full charge) with optional Super-fast battery charger.

Tazzari ZERO.

In addition to battery electric vehicles or BEVs and other alternate-fueled vehicles, the Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are considered to vital to the 40% of the world driving population that travels less than 40 miles per day. The Tazzari Zero NEVs is poised to fill this critical niche of for local transportation demands.

The Tazzari ZERO is a unique micro-car for more reasons than excellent mileage per charge; the sporty, aluminum-bodied car delivers zero emissions and will be electronically limited to a maximum speed of 25-45 mph (depending on State regulations) although it has the capability to reach a top speed of 56 mph.

In keeping with the Italian car tradition of making driving an adventure, the focus on protecting the environment did not detract from the number of creature features to make time in the vehicle a safe and pleasurable experience; performance disc brakes at each corner, a removable sunroof, heating and air conditioning, stereo radio with MP3 and CD player, 15″ custom colored wheels, fog lamps, with a leather steering wheel and seats. Surprisingly the Tazzari Zero micro-car has a payload of 430 pounds and a luggage capacity of nearly six cu. ft.

It makes sense that this vehicle is being created in the historic region where some of the best known names in exotic and luxury cars. The Emilia Romagna based Tazzari manufacturer is committed to the production of an innovative, stylish and upscale micro-car for the environmentally concerned urban enthusiast.

Tazzari Zero Test Drive.

The company has a reputation as one an Italian producer in pursuit of excellence. With a history of 45 years of growth, plus investment and diversification, today the quest to bring the very best of technology and manufacturing to electric cars to make the “Made in Italy” register on these vehicles as respected as on conventional fuel cars. Today this dynamic company is headed by Erik and Rafael Tazzari who present the Zero as an electric city car with unrivalled urban mobility concept that uses a superb Italian blend of technology and design as its answer to the issue of sustainability.

To the joy of millions of drivers, the Tazzari Zero brings the ownership of an electric car to the level of desire and passion. This breakthrough will allow driver to have an environmentally responsible car, that’s a kick to drive as well.

For more reasons than can be listed here, the Tazzari Zero represents a radical shift in the way electric cars are viewed. With the keyword as sustainability, here is a reasonable priced car that conquers the major objections that have plagued its predecessors.

The evolution of technology and the creative design team at Tazzari have conceived ZERO to be a truly ecological alternative to current mobility. The Tazzari Zero is the meeting point of two perspectives: sport performance and protection for the environment that is a genuine innovation that allows drivers to make a clean break from the past without compromising performance or an exorbitant price tag.

The Tazzari Group was equally concerned with using technological choices that favor the environment, as with the objective of creating a vehicle that remained true to the Italian passion for sporty performance. At its heart, the Tazzari Zero is an Italian thoroughbred.

The company was founded by Giorgio Tazzari in 1963. The company has evolved become one of the most respected Italian manufacturing firms for machine work, advanced engineering, aluminum casting, subcontracting and assembly in the service sector. With the introduction of the Tazzari Zero in December 2009 and its distribution starting a few months later, motorists who travel short distances on a daily basis will no longer have to sacrifice personal satisfaction with the vehicle they choose to drive in order to reduce carbon emissions. The best of both worlds in personal transportation has definitely arrived, thanks to the Tazzari Zero.

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