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Last Updated on November 5, 2018 by Katty

Season greetings, felicitations, thanks

Merry Christmas – Buon Natale
Happy New Year – Felice Anno Nuovo
Happy Easter – Buona Pasqua
Best wishes – Auguri
Wish you luck – Auguri
Happy holidays – Buone feste

Happy birthday – Buon compleanno
Happy name day – Buon onomastico
Have a good trip – Buon viaggio
Have a good time off – Buone vacanze
Cheers – alla salute / cin-cin

God bless you – Salute
Thank you – Grazie
Congratulations – Congratulazioni / Complimenti
Condolences – Condoglianze
Thanks a lot – Molte grazie

Thanks for everything – Grazie di tutto
Thanks for the thought – Grazie del pensiero
Thanks for the information – Grazie dell’informazione
You are welcome – Prego / non c’è di che
I wish you happy holidays – Le auguro buone feste

I wish you an happy vacation – Ti auguro buone vacanze
Thank you for your help – La ringrazio per l’aiuto
Thank you for your company – Ti ringrazio della compagnia

More greetings here: http://www.lifeinitaly.com/italian/essential-greetings

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