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Excitement Defined in the Perana Z-One

Zagato Perana Z-One

While it may be true that the world would not stop turning if another sports car was never built, it would be fair to say that life would be a lot less exciting without them. Basic needs aside, what gives us the will to live is desire and the Zagato Perana Z-One inspires this emotion well.


Zagato of Milan is a design and engineering coach building house that has bodied some of the most outstanding cars in the past 90 years including the Aston Martin DB7, Vantage Zagato, the Alfa Romeo 2600 and the Fiat 8V.

The Z-One is the result of the partnership between Zagato and the South African car manufacturer Perana Performance Group. This power of this car comes from a 440hp Corvette-sourced V8. As far as looks the Z-One is a fantastic example of the distinctive styling by the Milanese Zagato.

To achieve this superior styling, Zagato relied heavily on developing the concept in virtual reality, which shortened the development time for the prototype to a mere 4 months, much less than if traditional methods had been used.  The excitement that this car generates is due in a large part to the precision in the design that this technology affords. In addition to saving time, it also conserves human resources which help to lower costs and allows designers to concentrate their energy where it’s most needed. Designing in virtual reality provides engineers to work through scenarios to test the design in ways that are not possible in tangible setting. This method can pinpoint weaknesses in the prototype that would be hidden to the naked eye, which could easily evolve into a risk to the driver and passengers of the car.

The Zagato reputation for sport car passion is beautifully translated into a powerful, full-strength form in the proportion and volume of the Z-One styling. Couple this with the flowing, dynamic curves that artistically incorporate necessary elements of the car’s design like air ducts and the surface definition of the Z-One is more like sculpture. The impact of its keen edges is breathtaking, and is the primary reason that this has become the signature look of Zagato in the past decade.

From the exterior you get a hint of the pioneering tubular and box section chassis that supports the exciting interior styling, which concentrates on every imaginable tool a driver needs to take control of the road. This is a bona-fide, front engined, two-seater sports coupe and delivers an exciting performance from a powerful 6.2 litre V8 engine driving the rear wheels. Zagato’s superior design affords the driver and the lucky passenger to enjoy the advantages of the Z-One’s near 50/50 weight distribution that ensure a predictable and delightfully balanced smooth ride every time.

One look at this masterpiece is enough to convince anyone that this is a work of art on four wheels. The entire look of the automobile is tighter than most sports cars; in essence, the allure of the car makes you want to experience the drive. With a body chassis made from vinyl-ester/glass composite the Z-One appears almost surreal in its dimension. The presence of the car with its low posture and extended length give the impression of a space capsule moving through time; this is the vehicle that any member of the Starship Enterprise would love to drive.   But even for those of us who have no ambitions for space travel might find themselves little closer to heaven just imagining how it would feel to handle this car on an open road.

The Z-One could easily be considered the stuff that car dreams are made of but it is indeed so much more than this; belying its good looks is a no-nonsense approach to engineering and practicality that has anticipated the driver’s needs as well as giving them the power to experience a thrilling performance level usually reserved for professional drivers.

For the less than a thousand discerning drivers that will have the pleasure of driving this vehicle the technical abilities and features of the Zagato Perana Z-One are sure to exceed their expectations of a production series sports car, for the designers built this car to be driven, not as a trophy or showcase model. It’s outfitted with features that deliver outstanding performance with quality safety provisions provides the driver with a confident experience behind the wheel in real world conditions.

As a tribute to the 90 years of Zagato design as well as to maintain it exclusivity, this high performance sports car will be limited to only 999 units in production. The Zagato Perana Z-One complies with the Euro 4 emission legislation and will be sold within Europe at an introductory price of less than 50,000 Euros making it a highly attractive offer that the competition will be pressed to surpass.

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