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Fiat Bravo

Fiat Bravo

Computer technology has made a dramatic impact on the auto industry; in the past 10 years the integration of computer chips in many of the features related to safety as well as creature comforts has tripled from the previous decade. Now in addition to the functionality of the car itself, technology is being used to enhance the driving skills as well as the ability to communicate via telephone without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel.

Professional racing drivers are just as impressed as family drivers by the latest edition of the Fiat Group’s family of medium-sized cars that have become extremely popular with the public in Italy. The car combines sleek urban style, true functional beauty along with a comfortable shape. The total content of this car employs state of the art computer technology to compliment exclusive Italian style.

Fiat Bravo.

This could easily qualify as a match made in heaven for drivers who thrive on technological innovation, this special edition of the Bravo MSN Edition is a giant step forward in the collaboration between the Fiat Group and the Microsoft Corporation. More than a few drivers received a taste of the possibilities of this meeting of the minds with the Bluetooth enabled “Blue & Me” device. This little gem expands the range of “hands-free” operation of different entertainment and communication devices, such as MP3 players, Blackberries or mobile telephones.


Italian car makers are aware of their impact on the environment and the “Eco Drive,” feature is one of the solutions developed to minimize the consequences of operating an automobile. This dynamic duo is approaching how to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption from the angle of analyzing driving style to improve it. In concert with the genius of Fiat and Microsoft, an outstanding automotive technology company, Magneti Marelli, adds the new on-board “Instant Nav.” Now drivers have access to a dashboard enabled with satellite navigator with maps on SD Card, integrated with “Blue & Me,” a CD player and an Mp3 player.

Well rounded and balanced with a refreshing combination of driving pleasure, safety and conscious behavior, the Bravo MSN Edition is an innovative and ambitious presentation. This “Eco Drive” initiative will be tested by opinion leaders in addition to groups of people who regularly use MSN.

Fiat Bravo review.

The test drivers have been selected from various European countries where the Bravo MSN Edition cars are on sale these include; Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal. With the “Eco Drive” feature employed in all of these cars at the end of this European tour, the results will be measured. The “finish line” for this European tour was the Fiat Group Automobiles Test Centre in Blanco (VC). Although drivers have become accustomed to the computerization of the automobile, the Fiat Bravo MSN edition, gives an extremely plausible view of the future of driving as well as corporate responsiveness.

Taking the experience from the road tests from a wide range of drivers to improve future models of cars is one reason for this initiative. However Fiat has chosen to also use it as an avenue to contribute to charitable causes, such as the construction of a nursery school in Abruzzo, Italy. Drivers are able to book a test drive online for this incredible car through any Fiat dealer. Fiat will increase the level of their contribution based on the number of test drives taken.

With the MSN logo and distinctive bodywork coloring, the Bravo MSN Edition is immediately recognizable. The vehicles is available with the last generation 1.6 Multijet 16v 120HP diesel engine equipped with a particulate filter that complies with the emission limits of the Euro 5 regulation.


As exciting as this may be for the left side of the brain, drivers will be overjoyed at the fact they can stay in touch with the world from voice to text, MP3 or CD, cell or PDA. The on-board technology is focused on making the driving experience one that is as safe and pleasurable as possible. This latest version of a tremendously popular model includes a special Sony Ericsson “Bravo MSN Limited Edition” of the K770i Cyber-Shot mobile phone. The touch of a single key opens the world of Instant Messaging via MSN.

For anyone who could use more time to get organized but spends a considerable amount in their vehicle, these features can provide a buffer zone of productivity in the small details; whether it’s connecting with family members or touching base with clients or vendors. Overall productivity automatically increases because of the continuity of communication in a Fiat Bravo MSN edition is on par with that of a modern office environment. With Bluetooth in each of its features, this vehicle is a sterling example of how to seamlessly blend function and form to produce a beautiful result.

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