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The Ferrari 458 Italia

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Ferrari 458

One listen to the Ferrari 458 Italia’ s exciting, powerful growl that revs the engine as it emerges from the three rear exhaust tailpipes won’t fully prepare you for the latest spin of the design genius behind the marque of the “Prancing Horse.” In the Ferrari 458 Italia, the designers at Maranello facility have elevated this distinctive new car to its 8-cylinder range. The result is a head-turning departure for mid-rear engined sports cars; moving it to a new level of creative flair. The new model bears the name of its homeland along with the figure that represents the car’s displacement and the amount of cylinders as tribute to Italy’s reputation for innovative automobile design. 

Italy as a nation is well-known for its passion for racing, synthesis of style and cutting-edge technology, and now the company has two models that share race car inspiration. Ferrari’s sporty and fun to drive 458 Italia provides superior on-road performance with the capability to hold its own on track day, but also knows how to behave on urban turf. This car offers a great balance between fantasy and reality for people who love to drive.

Ferrari 458 Italia in Fifth Gear 17.

Another view of Ferrari 458

A two-seater “berlinetta” that benefits tremendously from Ferrari’s Formula One experience; from every point of view: engine, design, aerodynamics and handling the 458 Italia is a completely new car. There is also a heightened level of attention to the driver’s zone; the dashboard is replete with the instrumentation required to support what’s concealed under the hood.

Without a doubt, drivers will have all the info they need to take the car’s performance to whatever level they choose. Whether the car is at cruising speed or full tilt, drivers are at ease within an innovative environment with superior comfort zone provided by advanced ergonomics. At the center of all the action is a new design of steering wheel and dashboard. Both were inspired by racing champion Michael Schumacher who played an invaluable part in the 458 Italia project. These are just a few of the reasons why this car is exceptional.

Ferrari 458 Italia on the track.

The 458 Italia’s driving experience reaches beyond nearly flawless performance to the essence of movement. By design the symbiotic relationship between anatomy of the driver and the car creates a strong emotional response, supporting the flow of the actions drivers need to perform. Ferrari’s years of race track experience is reflected in the transference of insights from what delivers the driver’s optimum performance to the creation of the 458 Italia.

Interiors of Ferrari 458

Each driver will able to experience the responsiveness, precision and speed even in conditions that are far removed from the race track. One has to admire how these qualities are beautifully evident in the way the car handles, along with the attention focused on reducing internal friction in the engine for lower fuel consumption while still delivering greater power.

Although performance is the keyword with this model, it’s designed in a fluid, sexy design that’s impressive without being overbearing. In contrast, the Ferrari California model shares the same fun attitude but places its focus on the less-intense, everyday driving experience without losing its race track looks.


Detail of Ferrari 458

The beauty of both of these designs is directly connected to Ferrari 458 Italia’s Pininfarina design. The truly light and sleek Ferrari 458 Italia is a complete departure from the past, heralding the evolution of auto concepts to those of simplicity and aerodynamically shaped car bodies for greater fuel efficiency.

Aerodynamic considerations extend to the front grille with a single opening that includes the side air intakes that direct air to the coolant radiators and the new flat underbody. The new Ferrari engine is significantly more powerful than the V8s that preceded it, but the 458 Italia produces just 320 g/km of CO2 and fuel consumption is 13.7 l/100 km (combined cycle). These are the best stats within its category and a major leap forward in terms of cutting emissions.


Weight reduction played a major role in the engineers focus during the design phase. The results are outstanding with a dry weight of 1380 kg the Ferrari 458 Italia turns in an exceptional performance: 0-100 km/h acceleration in less than 3.4 seconds and a maximum speed in excess of 325 km/h.


How they arrived at these statistics was no easy feat: performance was not to be comprised. Ferrari’s engineers incorporated various types of advanced alloys in the design for the new aluminum chassis. This combined with aerospace industry-derived manufacturing and bonding techniques contributed to the successful outcome.

A super-light chassis, fantastic engineering creates a more direct steering ratio, the 458 Italia has the capability to manage rapid turns with tight body control without sacrificing the driver’s comfort. Here we’re talking about superior vehicle dynamics: twin wishbones suspensions at the front and a multi-link set-up at the rear tuned for optimum road hugging traction with intuitive handling.


The credit for how all these pieces fit together goes to the evolution of the control logic. Now drivers have the benefit of even faster and more accurate calculation of levels of grip, this ensures even greater control of the road. Whether a driver is holding their own in an urban setting, on spiral mountain highways or at the race track flat-out, the Ferrari 458 Italia provides superior overall handling in challenging situations and ease of control on the limit.

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