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The Fornasari RR600

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Fornasari RR600

In simple terms, the Fornasari RR600 is a sports car disguised as a SUV. But in many ways, the innovative engineers at Fornasari appear to have taken a second look at the design Ford and De Tomaso developed with the Pantera; combining European design with the power of a North-American engine.


With the heart and soul of a racing car; it accelerates to 62 mph in just 3.8 seconds. This performance is due to its featured 6.0 L V8 engine that delivers an output power of 602 bhp at 6000 rpm with 552 lb-ft torque at 5100 rpm. It reaches the speed of 62 mph in 3.8 seconds and the top speed is about 174 mph. Overall customers can have a choice of specially designed Hydra-matic four speed automatic transmission or Borg Warner six speed manual transmission these improved mechanics also include a shorter gearbox ratio to deliver better power management.

These facts alone make it difficult for other cars to compete with the RR600. Add to the power of the engineering improved creature comfort features within the interior of the car starting with more space in the cabin with the high level of customization and this car is almost irresistible. The Fornasari RR model is available in an even stronger version with three or five doors, the RR 650 that counts on 650 hp to carry the same weight and five passengers.

Allowing the customer to dictate the look of their vehicle is one of the major points in Fornasari philosophy; this holds true for both the interior and exterior most notably defined by the RR450 where the customization included the front, back and the sides of the car.

In addition to a powerful engine and transmission, the car gains speed from its extraordinarily light steel piping chassis in molybdenum-chrome. This guarantees a nimble agility on the road and the versatility to handle road conditions that would cause drivers anxiety in other cars. Both of the offered suspensions, whether Proflex or Ohlins, boast independent oil tanks to further enhance what this car has to offer in driving pleasure.

Without a doubt, the wheels of the Fornasari  RR600 play a major role in not only the experience of driving, but the overall safety of the passengers in the vehicle. Drivers have the advantage of Brembo piston calipers with high performance braking system along with their choice of 18, 20 or 23 inch alloy wheels in the car. This combination ensures the driver’s ability to safely apply the brake of the car at high speeds.

The exteriors features of the Fornasari  RR600 start with its stylish body structure which includes detailing of mirrors, headlights and taillights. But the interiors are also impressive; aluminum and leather are used throughout the cabin with its five large seats, racing style steering wheel and well-equipped instrument panels to assist the driver handle any type of situation with a navigation system, a satellite alarm, VTR player, video camera and television. Although comparisons to the Corvette are inevitable, the Fornasari RR600 and RR650 have features that distinguish them in their class by its SUV perspective.

Fornasari unveiled two really new vehicles at the Geneva Motors Show; the “Elettrica” which is an electric vehicle and the “Gruppo B,” both of these vehicles were developed from the same design as the structure used by RR 600.

Greater acceptance of fossil fuel limitations is one of the reasons why electric vehicles are now more in focus than ever before. The “Elettrica I” follows in the path of the Tesla Roadster and is riveting with its up to date environmental considerations. Using lithium-ion batteries for fast re-charging and the two electric engines assure drivers of long-term use.

For an electric car, this model boasts an impressive range of 250 km with a maximum speed of up to 220 km/h. In terms of prices, the limited production of these vehicles is reflected in the price and as one might expect, the customer’s ability to customize the car according to their requirements or expectations, is the defining factor.

Fornasari’s other entry is the Gruppo B which is available with two different engines but only in a three-door model. The engine choices are a 6-litre V8 producing 500 hp or a supercharged LS7 (7-litre V8) delivering 750 cv. The supercharged LS7 Gruppo B can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 s and reach up to 300 km/h.

The outstanding capabilities of the Fornasari RR600, the Elettrica I and Gruppo B are the latest examples of fine engineering and innovative thinking that places the highest importance on customer satisfaction. With the extensive customization options available on the RR600 as well as its superior performance, this car is destined to create a higher standard for other manufacturers in the future.

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