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The Lancia Delta 1.8 Turbo Jet 200 HP


Lancia Delta 1.8 Turbo

In production vehicles the name Lancia stands firm in the history of fine Italian car manufacture, and with the new engine and improved, detailed styling, the Delta 1.8 Turbo Jet 200 HP is not only number one on the road but a star of the silver screen.  Although many films feature automobiles in a supporting role to the plot of the story, very few have enjoyed such a close parallel to its theme.


This fabulous car had a starring role in the movie Angels and Demons portraying the 4 wheeled protagonist leading viewers on a fascinating journey through Rome to witness the architectural beauties that continue to inspire every car maker to this day. What better way to tell a story based in Italy than with a car that has become a symbol of Italian style with its graceful power and understated elegance?

Throughout the action scenes in the movie, the Lancia Delta 1.8 Turbo Jet 200 HP shows its true colors in terms of performance and reliable handling. More than once in the film the Lancia Delta’s handling steals the scene with breath-taking grace and agility controlled by the driver. Scenes such as these are not only a tribute to the car’s engineering, but stimulate the senses of anyone who loves to drive.

The Lancia Delta reflects perfectly the ideal of luxury without stress; providing drivers with all of the desired requirements for high quality and easy maneuverability. The fact that all of this power and refinement is actually affordable as well as fuel efficient is definitely just the ego-boost a driver needs to confidently handle any type of urban road condition. The handling of the Lancia Delta is intuitive by design, and supported by the mechanics that allow the driver to relish the control in maneuvers that would send other cars spinning out of control. Fast turns around tight corners at high speeds can be tricky indeed for an inexperienced driver, but the cornering ability of this car is flawless making it easier to focus on the pursuit at hand.

These winning characteristics have made the Delta the top selling model in its class on the streets of Italy and fast becoming a star on the roads throughout Europe. This brand has an established history of popularity with fans in the United States ranks of celebrities with more film stars choosing the Lancia Delta; this model was chosen as the Official Car for some of the most famous film festivals. In addition, it was a fleet of this model which transported celebrities to the various red carpets of the 65th Venice Film Festival, throughout Italy’s greatest cities of Rome, Milan and Turin.

The very nature of this car is cinematic in a way; as a product placement in the film “Angels and Demons” was a subtle reminder of the “heavenly” way it is engineered to produce as little as possible in terms of carbon emissions, yet has the power to fly down the road like a bat out of hell.  And this performance is underscored by the two engines that are available for this model that provide for a better CO2/HP ratio.  Both the 200 HP 1.8 Di TurboJet and the 190 HP 1.9 TwinTurbo engines deliver maximum power for minimum emissions and are features of the 105 HP Ypsilon 1.3 Multijet and 95 HP Musa 1.3 Multijet.

The media campaign that featured the Lancia Delta in the protagonist role in the “Angels and Demons” film heightened the tension and mystery that these two realities project that has fascinated humans from the beginning of our time.

Fans of Lancia appreciate this car maker’s style, a perfect example of this company’s ability to please their public is found in the Lancia Delta Limited Range, characterized with a clear white body accented by its pastel colors, topped off with a polished black roof. Black leather with sport style Alcantara material trimmings make for an elegant interior.

Instrumentation of the Lancia Delta is also rich with features that make it THE car in its range. Tech lovers will be in paradise with the assortment of equipment that rivals a home entertainment center with its CD MP3 radio. Environment of the interior is complemented by the features that include climate control system, leather steering wheel with radio controls, alloy wheels and fog lights.

The crown jewel in terms of the innovations Lancia has incorporated into this model is the 200 HP 1.8 Di TurboJet, absolutely the most powerful engine of its range. With its ground-breaking petrol direct injection engine, the environment is considered by efficient fuel consumption with less carbon emissions without sacrificing performance.

The Fiat Powertrain Technologies produces this engine that uses a modern six-speed automatic transmission. This combination provides for road performance that is brilliant and flexible, affording the driver a comfortable and secure environment on the road. With 200 HP at 5,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 320 Nm, the Delta is no slouch when speed and agility are needed.

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