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Some of Italy's Sexiest Men

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Italian Sexy Men II



In Italian Sexy Men I,  we began our excursus of the sexiest men in Italy. From historical figures, to golden-age-of-cinema actors, up to modern time football legends, we became acquainted with some of the most beautiful Italian men of all times. 

Here, we will rest our attention – and eyes – upon some more Italian handsome actors, artists and personalities. 



Raoul Bova

Raoul Bova' s piercing eyes are as much of an asset as the rest of him. Women around the world drool over this hunk who at one point was known as the sex symbol of Italian cinema with his Una storia italiana, a TV movie, and later Piccolo grande amore by Carlo Vanzina.


Sexy Italian Men: Raoul Bova


Among other things, Raoul Bova appeared with Madonna in 1999 in a commercial for Max Factor. He also photographed for a nude artistic calendar in 2000, for the Italian magazine Max. This cemented his sex-icon image. To, at least in part, free himself from it, Bova took on serious roles in cinema, like a terrorist in Rewind, an Austrian officer in La frontiera and Saint Francis of Assisi in Francesco, only to name a few. Instead of cooling the ardour of his sexy-image fans, this only fanned it further.

Raoul Bova was linked for a while to actress Romina Mondello, for 13 years he was married to Chiara Giordano, a veterinarian, and as of 2015 he is dating spanish actress Rocío Muñoz Morales. A proud father of three, he has espoused various social and environmental causes.



Alessio Boni

Alessio Boni is another well-known actor whose versatile ability to change his image has brought him much success and the adulation of many Italian fans. He can be all cynical elegance and sexual prowess one moment, and gracious, approachable and almost fragile the next, making him the favorite of many cinegoers.


Sexy Italian Men: Alessio Boni


He has not had much formal education, and acting has really been the mainstay of his life since an early age. After much training in Italy and Los Angeles, he launched upon a career in television, with telefilms and series like Dopo la tempesta, La donna del treno, Incantesimo and L'altra donna to name but a few. Success came with La meglio gioventù, and he has not looked back since on his way into the hearts of Italian women, who are fascinated by his curiously sensuous mix of strength and fragility. In more recent years, he has appeared in popular tv series like Il ritorno di Ulisse (Rai 1, 2013) and the movie Mal d'Amore (2013). He has also been part of several theatre productions.



Alessandro Gassman

Born in 1965 in Rome, Alessandro Gassman is an Italian actor who has made a name for himself both due to his acting prowess and a smouldering sexuality that projects itself on screen. He has Italian, French and German blood in him and is married to Sabrina Knaflitz. His marriage had done nothing to reduce his sex-icon image, and his legion of fans swear by his smile and his gorgeous body.


Alessandro Gassman (Brunifia/flickr)


His acting career started at 17 with his father, iconic actor and sex symbol of the 50s Vittorio Gassman, as the director; he then went on to study at the famous La bottega teatrale in Florence. He has worked in a a lot of TV series and also movies like Uomini senza donneFacciamo la festaTeste di cocco with Gianmarco Tognazzi. Because of his popularity and exceptional good looks, Yves Saint Laurent chose him to model for their parfum Opium. Like many other actors in Italy, Alessandro posed for a sexy calendar in the Italian magazine Max, which sealed his image as a sexy hunk.



Luca Argentero

Born in Piedmonte, Italy, Luca Argentero fits the profile of a successful, sexy Italian actor: vaulting to fame after being put into Grande Fratello or Big Brother by his cousin Alessia Ventura, he has done quite a bit of modelling and posed for the Max calendar.


Luca Argentero, one of Italy's sexiest men (Laura Penna/wikimedia)


Argentero's serious debut as an actor came in 2005 in the TV series Carabinieri, and in 2006 he acted in the movie A casa nostra, directed by Francesca Comencini. Saturno contro, directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, Solo un padre by Luca Lucini and Il grande sognodirected by Michele Placido, are his other well-known films. He became known to the international public after he played Giovanni in Eat, Pray, Love along Julia Roberts. In 2011, he worked once again with Michele Placido in Le Guetteur (Il Cecchino). In the same year, he was protagonist of his first theatre pièce, Shakespeare in Love. He also kept very active on on tv, participating to several tv series and shows. Last year he was judge in one of Italy's most popular talent shows, Amici by Maria Defilippi. 

Argentero is a sports buff, and loves to take time off his acting to enjoy various sports. In 2009 he married his longtime girlfriend, actress Myriam Catania.



Riccardo Scamarcio

Of all the sizzling actors that Italy has produced,  1979 born Riccardo Scamarcio from Puglia is one of the most remarkable presences in Italian cinema today.

His appeal does not lie entirely in his deep green eyes or his curly tresses, though they help, but his extraordinary acting talents. A self-confessed fan of Mastroianni, he has acted in a bunch of renowned films starting from Tre metri sopra il cieloTexasMio fratello è un figlio unicofor which he has won much popular and critical acclaim. In 2012, he is chosen by Woody Allen for his To Rome with Love, along with huge names of acting such as Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz and Alec Baldwin. 

Former girlfriends include Laura Chiatti and Angela Liso, and he now has a long-term relationship with actress Valeria Golino, 14 years his senior, who is known to the American public for having played Tom Cruise's girlfriend in Rain Man, in 1988. 


Riccardo Scamarcio, a good example of how sexy Italian men can be (nicogenin/wikimedia)


Carlo Cracco

If you think that sexiness is only for actors and sportsmen, you are mistaken. According to Italian women, there is another category where sexiness abound: chefs. Carlo Cracco, of whom we have spoken in our article about Italy's most famous chefs has conquered the heart of plenty of Italian women with his dark looks and temperamental outburst. The fact he is good in the kitchen certainly adds to the mix. Cracco comes from Veneto and has trained with the best chefs in the world, including our own Gualtiero Marchesi and France finest, Alain Ducasse. He is protagonist of many a culinary venture: his main restaurant, Ristorante Cracco, has been voted one of the best 50 restaurants in the world. He has also opened a bistro style eatery on the Navigli, in Milan, Carlo e Camilla in Segheria. He is ambassador of Regione Lombardia at the Expo 2015, works in association with Trenitalia and Singapore Airlines for the creation of their business class menus. Cracco is also famous for his tv appeareances: he is one of the judges on Masterchef Italia and, since 2014, he leads Hell's Kitchen Italia. 


Sexy Italian Men: Carlo Cracco, known for his talent
and his charm (Bruno Cordioli/flickr)


...Last but not least...

Paolo Nascimbeni is the owner of Lifeinitaly. Being sexy is all about thinking yourself sexy, and since he has inserted his name into this list on his own initiative, he qualifies! To know more about him though and see his pictures, you would have to ask him, because he is not a celebrity. Yet.


Sexy Italian Men I


By Damyanti Ghosh. Updated May, 2015


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