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Milan Cortina 2026, vote for the logo of the Winter Olympics

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Last Updated on March 8, 2021 by Gaia Zol

In 2026, the winter olympics will divide between Cortina and Milan. The first competition? For the logo. And you can vote too.

Italy was announced as the host. And everyone erupted.

Milan Cortina 2026, the announcement

While the athletes and the cities are getting ready, the party started at the official announcement.

Vote for the logo

The latest idea of the Milan-Cortina2026 committee is to make people choose the official logo. There are two choices, each with its own charm. Anyone can vote. How?

Simply, visit the official site of the Olympics here. You have time until March, 21st, 2021.

What we know so far

While these Italian winter olympics are five years away, here are a few details we already know.

  • When: from February 6th to February 22nd, 2026
  • The opening ceremony will be in the Stadium Meazza in Milan
  • The closing ceremony will be at the Arena of Verona.

Furthermore, this is the fourth time the Olympics come to Italy -three of them for the winter games.

In winter of 2021, Cortina also hosted the Alpine Ski Championship. And it was a show of sports, snow, and Italian beauty.

Which logo do you prefer for the 2026 Winter Olympics?

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