Italian Harley Davidson Man

An Italian's love for Harley Davidsons

This good old friend of mine, Rodolfo Roiati, lives in Rocca Priora (a nice mountain town right outside Rome, placed in the Roman Castles) right around the corner from my me, has his 9th motorcycle of which most were Harley Davison.

Michael Axel McCain motorcycle

Rodolfo is 65 years old retired employee from the Regional Bus Company (COTRAL) and happily married with two daughters and with 50 years of bike riding on his back (or should I say "rear end"). Rodolfo started as a young lad with small motorbikes working all his way up all up to the Harley Davidson. He had 3 Harley Davidsons 1340 cc. A sporters 1200 cc, two Road Kings 1450 cc. and, somewhere in the middle, a Moto Guzzi "California" (1992) with side car shown below. Now he is a proud owner of a pure white "pearled" colored Harley Davidson 1450 cc... just gorgeous!!

1992 Moto Guzzi California

He is also a member of the Alitalia Motorcycle Club, Harley Davidson HOG Club, goes in all the Italian and European meetings. He is a biker!! All the way!!

Harley Davidson

But let me ask him for a small and friendly interview while we' on the road to a bike meeting in Castel Gandolfo (the Pope's summer residence). A friend of his has a restaurant which he sold and will change owners in while. Being an Harley Davidson man himself, he invited all the "wild bunch" for a last (free)lunch. So we are meeting in Frascati, another town in the Roman Castles about 12 miles from Rome.

Harley Davidson bikers meet Italy

Let me tell you that 99% of them are Harley Davidson men. All the rest are welcome, of course but they all looked like Harley Davidson men!!

Lets start with Rodolfo!!

  • Q: "So, Rodolfo, isn't it a shame that the Harley Davidson restaurant is closing and the owner is retiring??"

  • A: "Mike don't' event mention it!! We all had great times over there and all of us are just about crying!!"

  • Q: "We'll be mostly Harley Davidson over there... why??"

  • A: "Just one of our meeting points in the Castelli Romani area (Roman Castles an area right outside Rome) he's a good old friend who retires from his business... but doesn't retires from his Harley Davidson.

  • Q: "OK lets leave the sentimental side for a second and have a short talk about "bikes".

  • A: "OK...shoot!"

  • Q: "Tell me the difference between a Harley Davidson and other bikes like, for instance BMW!"

  • A: "BMW is the Rolls Royce of the motorcycle industry while Harley Davidson is the Ferrari.

  • Q: " But you get a sore butt on a Harley Davidson on the long rides?"

  • A: " You get a sore butt on any motorbike when you take long rides!"

  • Q: " What will you buy after this Harley Davidson you own now?".

  • A: "Another Harley Davidson and I'll keep going until I "croak like a frog!".

  • Q: " I know that the Alitalia Harley Davidson HOG CLUB, has asked you to join them in the USA for the 100 years of the Harley Davidson founding. Is that correct?".

  • A: " Yes, Mike, but its out of my money range even if the bikes were going to be shipped just about for free. They had in mind a trip across the entire USA... something I cant afford. Not yet anyways... we'll see in the future.

Rodolfo is an "easy rider". Never speeds nor does take useless risks. Very in love with his Harley Davidson, he cleans it every day, especially the chrome fixtures. All parts he added are Harley Davidson original imported from the USA.


Well, Rodolfo, keep it up and thanks for all the beautiful rides we had and will have in the future.

by Michael Axel McCain

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