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Alberto Male  
Agnese Female  
Agostino Male  
Agostina Female  
Alba Female  
Aldabella Female Beautiful. From Leda and Bell. 
Aldo Male  
Alessandra Female The defender, or helper of mankind. Form of Alexandra. 
Alessandro Male The protector and helper of mankind. Also see Sanders. 
Alessia Female  
Alessio Male  
Alfredo Male  
Alice Female  
Alisa Female The wise counsellor, or the truthful one. Also see Alicia and Alison. 
Allegra Female Cheerful, joyous. 
Alighiero Male A noble spear. 
Alvaro Male  
Amadora Female The gift of love. 
Amata Female Beloved. Form of Amy. 
Ambra Female  
Ambrogio Male  
Anastasia Female  
Andrea Male  
Andreina Female  
Angelo Male An angel or saintly messenger. 
Angela Female  
Anita Female  
Anna Female  
Aniela Female A heavenly messenger, an angel. Form of Angela. 
Annata Female Grace, or favoured by God. Form of Anne. 
Annunziata Female The bearer of news. 
Antonio Male Worthy of praise. 
Antonia Female  
Arianna Female  
Armando Male Of the army. 
Aronne Male Exalted. 
Assunta Female From the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. 
Augusto Male  
Aurelio Male  
Aurora Female  
Bambalina Female Little girl. 
Barbara Female  
Belinda Female Beautiful. 
Beatrice Female  
Belladonna female beautiful woman 
Bianca Female Fair-haired, or of a fair complexion. Form of Blanche. Used by Shakespeare for characters in two of his plays. 
Biagio Male  
Brigida Female  
Bruno Male  
Bruna Female Brown-haired. Also See Brunella
Brunella Female Brown-haired. Also See Bruna. 
Cameo Female An engraved gem. 
Camilla Female  
Camillo Male  
Candida Female  
Candido Male  
Carmela Female  
Cara Female Irish Gaelic: A friend. Cornish: Love. Italian: The beloved one. 
Carla Female A free person. 
Carlo Male A free man. 
Carmela Female A garden or orchard. 
Caterina Female Pure. From the name Catherine or Katherine. Also used as an independent name. 
Cecilia Female  
Cesare Male  
Chiara Female Bright and famous. The name of an Irish county. Also See Clarice. 
Ciro Male The name of the founder of the Persian empire. From the name Cyrus. 
Claudio Male The lame one. 
Concetta Female  
Corrado Male  
Cornelia Female  
Costanzo Male  
Cristiano Male A follower of Christ. A Christian. 
Cristiana Female  
Damiana Female  
Damiano Male  
Dante Male Enduring, steadfast. Also see Durant. 
Danilo Male  
Davide Male  
Delanna female soft as wool 
Debora Female  
Dino Male Latin: A religious official. Old English: From the valley. 
Diego Male  
Dora Female  
Edoardo Male  
Elda Female A battle maiden. 
Elena Female The light of the sun. Also see Eileen, Elaine, Eleanor and Ellen. 
Elisa Female  
Elisabetta Female  
Emilio Male Industrious. The masculine form of Emily. 
Enrica Female The ruler of the home. A feminine form of Henry. Also see Harriet. 
Enrico Male The ruler of the home or estate. 
Enzo (Short for Vincenzo) Male From the Laurel tree or crowned with laurels. From the name Lorenzo and other names. 
Ercole Male From the exceptionally strong mythological hero (Hercules). 
Ermanno Male A man of the army. 
Elsa Female  
Emilia Female  
Enrica Female  
Eugenio Male  
Ettore Male To hold fast. The name of a Trojan hero in classical mythology. 
Eva Female  
Ezio Male  
Fabio Male  
Fabiana Female  
Farfalla female butterfly 
Fedele Male Faithful. 
Federico Male A peaceful ruler. 
Federica Female  
Felice Male Fortunate, happy. 
Filippa Female A lover of horses. The feminine form of Philip. 
Filippo Male A lover of horses. 
Fiorella Female A little flower. 
Filomena Female  
Fiorenza female flower 
Flavia Female  
Franca Female  
Franco Male  
Fulvia Female  
Fulvio Male  
Gabriella Female  
Gaetano Male  
Gaia Female  
Geltrude Female  
Gemma Female A jewel or gem. 
Gennaro Male  
Gerardo Male  
Geronimo Male A sacred or holy name. 
Ghita Female Pearl. 
Giacinta Female Young and beautiful. 
Giacobbe Male Italian form of Jacob. Held by the heel. 
Giacomo Male The supplanter. 
Gianina Female God is gracious. . 
Gianna Female God is gracious. . 
Gianni Male Italian form of John. God is gracious. 
Ginevra Female A woman of the people. 
Gino Male Short for names ending with Gino. 
Giordano Male Flowing down, as in the River Jordan. 
Giorgetta Female A girl from the farm. The feminine form of George. 
Giovanna Female God is gracious. . 
Giovanni Male God is gracious. 
Giraldo Male A spear warrior. Also see Garrett and Gerard. 
Giulia Female From a Roman, possibly meaning youthful. 
Giuliano Male  
Giulietta Female From a Roman, possibly meaning youthful. 
Giulio Male A Roman family name, possibly meaning youthful. Born in July. 
Giuseppe Male Italian form of Joseph. God shall add. 
Giuseppina Female God shall add. . 
Gloria Female  
Grazia Female  
Guglielmo Male A strong and resolute protector. 
Guido Male The wide one, or from the wood. 
Gustavo Male  

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