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When will we be visiting Italy again?

Last Updated on September 10, 2020 by Francesca Bezzone

When will we be visiting Italy again? This is the question many Americans have been wondering about.

While restrictions for non-EU (Americans included) travelers have been recently eased (but only if your significant other lives in the country), it may still take a while before Americans are able to be tourists in the Belpaese again.

The EU has recently updated the list of safe countries, traveling from which is allowed, but unfortunately the US is not part of it, yet. As Italy is part of the EU, continental rules apply.

However, there are some clarifications to make

  1. There are exceptions to the rule

If you are an Italian citizen, or reside in Italy and, basically, you need to travel from the US to return home, then you can do so. The same is valid if your trip is considered “essential,” that is, if you need to visit for work or health reasons. You are also allowed to travel to Italy if you are a healthcare worker caring for Covid-19 patients and, more in general, if your job brings here: delivery drivers, diplomats, frontier workers, aid workers are all allowed in.

However, if you’re planning to have an Italian holiday soaking up the last summer sun somewhere in South, then you better forget about it, because American tourists are still not allowed in.

Believe us when we say, though, that we miss you very much: American tourism counts for a huge part of the yearly income of the sector. Plus, we just love to have your around, really.

When will we be visiting Italy again?
Image by Lorenzo Cafaro from Pixabay

2. It’s not the passport that counts, but the country you fly from

If you are an American living in France, you can come to Italy whenever you want, because the country you reside is part of the EU and its residents can travel freely to any other EU state. The ban doesn’t apply to nationality, but to your physical provenience.

As the pandemic continues, it’s likely these rules will be kept in place for another while, but the EU — which, as said, widely regulates the matter of national access for all state members –reviews its access list every few weeks, so Americans may soon be able to fly over.

So, when will we be able to travel to Italy again just for pleasure? Well, we still don’t know, unfortunately. But hope is that we’ll be able to do some Christmas shopping in Rome. Finger crossed!

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