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Cherasco is a small commune and town located in the Piedmont region in Italy in the province of Cuneo. Cherasco is located close to the cities of Turin and Cuneo. The town is spread over an area of 81 sq km and has a population of close to 7600.

The town has still retained its medieval essence with its old buildings and monuments. Cherasco does not attract many visitors but due to the rise in agritourism in Italy, there are a few people who visit the town to experience the relaxed village like atmosphere in Cherasco. The economy of the town is based mainly on agricultural activities and on the production of wine.


Attractions in Cherasco

The Synagogue of Cherasco

The synagogue of Cherasco is the most interesting place to visit in the town. The synagogue of Cherasco is one of the only sixteen synagogues that still survives in the Piedmont region. Although it is not clear when the synagogue was built, most scholars believe that it would have been built earlier than 16th century. The building is quite small and is lit by various windows that face the courtyard of the building. A residential building is located within the courtyard where in ancient times the Jews entered to pray. The building has an 18th century baroque Torah ark and bimah with Solomonic columns that are quite typically seen in Italian synagogues. The baldachin located inside the building has been beautifully painted and gilded. There is a small women’s gallery and a room that was once used as a school for girls.


The Cherasco Castle


The castle of Cherasco was first built in the 14th century for defense purposes and the fortifications were added later on. The castle is quite large and imposing and has one tower at every corner of the fortification. There is a smaller central tower and a draw bridge. Over the centuries the castle has been renovated a few times, but much of the façade that visitors can see today is still original. The castle offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and the hills that surround the town of Cherasco.




Palazzo Salmatoris

The Palazzo Salmatoris was built in the 17th century by a noble family of Cherasco. The palace has been an important landmark in the town ever since it was built. The palace was built by a rich businessman who had gained much fortune in silk trading, for which Cherasco was famous at those times. The palace has remained important to Cherasco for its beautiful architecture and is used today for various cultural events and shows.


Museo Civico

The civil museum of Cherasco is housed in the beautiful 17th century Palazzo Gotti di Salerno. The museum has a small collection of archeological findings of the region and some art works done by the artists of the region. However, the museum is mainly famous for its coin collection, which is the largest in South Piedmont.


Getting to Cherasco

Cherasco is located quite close to Turin and Cuneo so reaching the town is quite easy. The easiest way to reach it is by the state buses. The state buses that operate in this region depart a few times every week for Cherasco from the bus stations in Turin, Cuneo and from several other smaller villages and towns in the region. Those who have their own cars can comfortably drive down to town. There is no airport in Cherasco so visitors coming from other countries can first reach Turin and then reach Cherasco either by bus or taxi. Turin is located 50 km from Cherasco so taxis are also easily available.


Moving Around Cherasco

Cherasco church

The best way to explore Cherasco is on foot. The town is not very large so most tourists prefer to walk around to explore the few attractions that are located in the center of the town. The older section of the town is the most interesting place to visit. This section of the town has many narrow streets which can be visited only on foot since navigating around the area can be quite difficult. Visitors who have their own cars can also visit the other areas of the town by car. Parking spots are easily available in the town, and traffic is generally not a problem.


Stay and Accommodation



Cherasco is a small town and it does not attract many tourists. For this reason, there are not many accommodation options in the town. Most visitors visit Cherasco as a day excursion and stay in Turin or Cuneo since there are several accommodation options available in those cities. There are a few small hotels and bed & breakfasts in town where visitors can get comfortable rooms at low prices. Some of the best hotels in Cherasco are Hotel La Spiga, Hotel Express by Holiday Inn Langhe Cherasco and Al Cardinal Mazzarino Di Antonio Baravalle.


Eating in Cherasco

Cherasco has a handful of good restaurants where visitors can eat. Most of the restaurants in town are small family run establishments where the locals like to eat. The food served in most hotels is simple and made with fresh ingredients and local cheese. Some of the best restaurants in Cherasco are Ristorante La Spiga, ristorante Operti, Osteria Umberto, Pane E Vino Di Morino Emiliana, and Vecchia Italia di Rolfo Patrizia.


Shopping in Cherasco

There are only a few places in Cherasco where visitors can shop. Since ancient times, the town has been famous for its silk and for other types of textiles. Visitors will still find several shops in town that sell silk cloths, local textiles and home spun textiles. The older section of the town has many such smaller shops where visitors can purchase these items at low prices. Other than these, visitors can also purchase fresh cheese and olive oil in most food shops. The region of Piedmont is known for its excellent wines and Cherasco also has plenty of wine shops where visitors can purchase good quality wine.


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