A Day in Venice during the Carnival
Pictures taken while walking around Venice during the Carnival
carnival venice masks

Venice Carnival images


Are you considering if Venice during the Carnival is worth a visit?

Surely it can be really tiresome! It's crowded, even more crowded than it usually is. And dirty and chaotic and noisy. 


Venetian masks in Piazza San Marco


But there's a strange feeling in the air, the partying atmosphere is everywhere. You can feel it as soon as you get off the train. 

From the train station to St. Mark's square it's about one hour walk, but you don't have to walk much before you meet the first beautiful masks. 


Another beautiful Carnival Mask in Piazza San Marco, Venice


The "calle", streets, of Venice are crowded everywhere and this makes the walk even more enjoyable.


Face painting during the Carnival in Venice


On the way, you can buy yourself a mask to get into the party mood. 


Carnival Masks can be bought everywhere in Venice


Walking around Venice is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have. Its original architecture and atmosphere enchants everyone.

All the while you can have an aperitif or something to eat. 


Aperitif in Venice


Getting to St. Mark's Square is not difficult even if you have never been there: the direction is showed everywhere and anyway you can just follow the flow. 


Finally you get to St. Mark's Square, where the Best Mask Competition is taking place. The Carnival in Venice lasts about three weeks and the calendar is full of events.


Once you are here you can just look at the beautiful masks and costumes that walk around the square. People are used to it and are just happy to be subject of continuous pictures shooting.


Venice during the Carnival


You can meet Pulcinella, noble and elegant masks, flowery masks, and more.


Flowery costumes that you get to meet during the Carnival in Venice


Another flowery costume in Venice at the Carnival


Beautiful Mask at the Carnival in Venice


Mask at the Carnival in Venice


Father and Son costumes at the Carnival in Venice


Dawn in Venice


While the evening approaches, you can enjoy the beautiful light of the town at this time of the day, even on a rainy day.


Ducal Palace and St. Mark's Square in Venice 


Incredibly patterned costumes at the Carnival in Venice


Surely you won't be the only one busy taking pictures of the beautiful costumes.


A Fall Costume at the Carnival in Venice


You will soon realise that costumes are a serious business at the Carnival in Venice.


Elegant Costume at the Carnival in Venice


A tip: wear an important headgear if you don't want to go unnoticed at the Carnival in Venice.


An important headgear at the Carnival in Venice


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