These are difficult days for our country because of the Covid-19 epidemics, but we want to say to the world all: don’t abandon Milan! Flights to the Lombardia capital has been largely canceled because of the enormous amount of cancellations received.

Milan is at the heart of our economy and culture, it’s the most cosmopolitan city we have. We need to love it, not abandon it!

Beautiful video by Yuri Sirri Nakvas from his youtube page

Don’t abandon Milan, nor the rest of Italy!


  1. Francesca Bezzone

    Hi guys, I am pretty sure you are up to date with the news and I am quite certain Australia has stopped flights to Italy at the moment. In any case, it isn’t really the best moment to visit us, right now… Do, however, keep us in your thoughts and do come over, when this emergency will be over. Keep safe!

  2. We are due to arrive in Italy on March 31. Milan-Venice-Florence-then Rome our last stop. Is it safe to go ahead with our journey? The most imporatant thing that scare us is not the Corona virus, but to be quarantined and not able to come back to Australia….

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