don't abandon Milan

Milan, Italy

Milan is at the heart of our economy and culture, it’s the most cosmopolitan city we have. We need to love it, not abandon it!

Beautiful video by Yuri Sirri Nakvas from his youtube page

Don’t abandon Milan, nor the rest of Italy!

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9 months ago

This post didn’t age well. Just like Zingaretti and his aperitivo; just like Nardello and his Chinese huggers; just like the PD and its Chinese food initiative. Nice work, buonisti.

Barry Gungab
10 months ago

We are due to arrive in Italy on March 31. Milan-Venice-Florence-then Rome our last stop. Is it safe to go ahead with our journey? The most imporatant thing that scare us is not the Corona virus, but to be quarantined and not able to come back to Australia….