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Good news for Venice: MOSE worked today!

MOSE (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico), the movable dams project aimed at protecting Venice and its lagoon from the sea and the risk of acqua alta, works.

MOSE — whose development has been tainted by a series of legal and financial issues — is a flood barrier system formed by 78 mobile dams, that can swing up when necessary to seal the lagoon off from the Adriatic Sea.

Today October 3 2020 the MOSE gates were raised in an hour and 17 minutes at the entrance of the Port of the Venice Lagoon. The tide of 130 cm ( 55 inch ) remained outside the lagoon: inside the sea level stopped at 70 cm (28 inch). Piazza San Marco stayed dry . “The Basilica is dry for the first time in such a bad weather and it is a very important fact” said the first prosecutor of San Marco in Venice, Carlo Alberto Tesserin.

MOSE should be completed fully by the end of 2021. 
Raising the MOSE barrier today October 3 2020

Check out Pizza San Marco today in this video! ( without Mose it would be fludded )

The video, taken from Il Corriere della Sera’s YouTube Channel.

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