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giacomo casanova


Giacomo Casanova: Italy's Original Ladies Man
haunted italy

Travel Destinations

Italy's most haunted
fonduta fondue

Italian food recipe

Fonduta - Fondue
flowers meaning

Life in Italy

The meaning of some flowers in Italy
haunted castles italy

Travel Destinations

Haunted Castles of Italy
haunted houses italy

Travel Destinations

Haunted Houses of Italy
ghost towns italy

Travel Destinations

Ghost towns in the South of Italy

Italian Food

Saffron: The Exotic Red Powder
Etruscan art


Etruscan Art
italian nobel prizes


Italian Nobel Prizes
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ghost tours Italy
Ever thought to tour Italy to get spooked?
giacomo casanova
A man so iconic his name because synonym of being a perfect ladies' man...
Vajont, an announced disaster
Gnocchi are one of Italy's best comfort food: do you know them well?
Porcini are the king of mushrooms and they grow aplenty in the woods of Italy
business tips
Useful tips to use if your business partner comes from Italy
The Fall-Winter 2015-16 Women Collection by Missoni
civita di bagnoregio, the dying town
Built on an unstable terrain, Civita is collapsing
haunted italy
Abbeys, hospitals, churches and whole cities that'll make you shiver in fear
fonduta fondue
Cold days are looming and fonduta is a delicious way to keep warm and enjoy the convivial
flowers meaning
You can say a lot with the right flower...
haunted castles italy
Haunted castles are what nightmares are made of...