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Venetian masks


Venetian Masks tradition
san galgano


San Galgano and the original sword in the stone
carnival italy

Holidays - Festivals

The History of Carnevale and some of Italy's best Parades
carnival venice masks


A Day in Venice during the Carnival
carnival food

Food Articles

Italian food for Carnival
italian masks


Italian traditional masks for Carnival
curiosities Italian food

Food Articles

Five curious facts about food in Italy
carnevale vocabulary


The vocabulary of Italian Carnevale

Food Articles

Is any place better than Eataly?
italian american directors


Famous Italian American Directors
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weather italy march
The weather is slightly improving and many festivals and events are organised during March in Italy
mt. etna
A beautiful exhibition of Nature entertained us in the last couple of days
rome by night
Discover the glory of Rome that can only be seen after dark
Greek temples, an old castle and a monastery, a World Heritage Site since 1998
foreigners working in italy
High qualification jobs for foreigners in Italy
Gnocchi are one of Italy's best comfort food: do you know them well?
Here is Lecce, the "Florence of the South"
visit san gimignano
The Manhattan of Italy. Or is Manhattan the San Gimignano of the New World?
moving italy 1 euro
A project to bring back to life old towns
McDonald's in Italy
Story of a brand that managed very well at thriving in a difficult country
Italy FIFA world cup
Four times Italy held the most prestigious trophy
Fiat 500
A car of its time that remains great today.