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Life in Italy

Same sex civil unions: ANSA updates about what Italians want
Italian carnevale

Holidays - Festivals

Seven things about Carnevale you may not know
civil unions italy

Life in Italy

Gay marriage in Italy: soon a decision?
italian masks


Italian traditional masks for Carnival
rouhani covered statues

Life in Italy

Rouhani and the covered-up statues
italian jewish community ww2


The Italian Jewish Community during the Second World War

Historic Roads


Life in Italy

Italian B+B best in the world
carnevale vocabulary


The vocabulary of Italian Carnevale
Italy healthiest country

Life in Italy

Italy ranked healthiest country in Europe (and second in the whole world)
Average: 2.3 (11 votes)
sant'agata di puglia
A medieval town erched on the hills of Puglia
secret societies italy
Italian Movements born in opposition to foreign invaders
professor fired for a pee
A philosophy professor fired for a pee.
An Italian researcher was found dead in Cairo
ANSA reports on Italy's opinion
best blogs about Italy
Interesting and useful blogs about Italy
Italian carnevale
Seven (almost) secret things about Italy's most colourful occasion of the year
civil unions italy
The Cirinnà's law proposal on same sex civil unions creates debate
italian masks
Italian maschere for Carnevale
grado, friuli
A favored getaway for Austrian-Hungarian nobility, Grado keeps attracting plenty of tourists to its
rouhani covered statues
A bizarre decision has stirred a furore