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Museums of Venice


Museums in Venice
Italian vocabulary for summer


Useful vocabulary for sunny days in Italy
italian inventions


Great Italian Inventions
italian regionale food

Food Articles

Italian gastronomic differences: North, Center and South
Italian Regional Food

Italian Food

Italian Regional Food: the North
italian kitchen


La Cucina: Kitchen at the Heart of the Italian Lifestyle
Curiosities Colosseum


The Colosseum
political italian types


Ten political Italian types
travelling to Italy

Travel in Italy

My first trip to Italy!
castello theodoli


Castello Theodoli
Average: 2.3 (11 votes)
holy relics italy
Religious relics, real or not, attract thousands of pilgrims in Italy
A great place where to relax after a hike in the Gran Sasso
making tomato preserve
Making a tomato preserve from fresh tomatoes
An interesting town in Sicily with Arab influences.
saturnia thermal baths
A natural spa in Tuscany
marostica chess game
Marostica is the home of chess. And every two years, you can witness a truly unique living chess
Museums of Venice
The most famous museums of Venice
Italian vocabulary for summer
If you visit this time of the year, you may need to know some basic words to get through the
Perched on the southern slope of Mount Subasio, Spello is one of the most fascinating sites in the
moving to italy
Discovering the unbeaten paths in Italy
lucrezia borgia
Daughter of a pope, married 3 times, various lovers and a poisoned ring to kill her enemies.